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15 December 2012


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I was thinking maybe something useful would be to send down these CEOs to Australia to do a course in Public Administration at a relevant college where Australian public servants are trained.

Having been a teacher I don't know enough about the way public servants are trained in Australia. But I do know the PNG public servants seem to lack good training.

Talk about 'Much to do about nothing' and 'Throwing the baby out with the bathwater'.

The indignation of some and the voyeurism of others has so far effectively clouded what is the genuine issue.

If service delivery is not being effectively performed, the CEO of the Public Service and the Minister concerned must be held accountable.

'Advisers' from where ever they come from cannot effectively change a culture of corruption in what appears in some areas to have become endemic.

The solution, direction and example must come from the top.

Planti mauswara em noinap long stretim displa kain kranki pasin. Olgeta isave rot bilong rausim displa korapsin blo gavaman. Husat inap lo girapim em tasol?

[All the talk in the world won't fix this problem. Everyone knows that it requires hard work, diligence, integrity and honesty to bring back respect for the government and proper service delivery. Who's going to make it happen however?]

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