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29 December 2012


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Similarly the Australian government made no attempt to understand the Melanesian culture that existed in PNG in the 1970's; blindly changing the politics and justice systems to unsuitable Australian systems.

Papua New Guineans also have problems when they inter-marry a partner from another province. The culture of someone from the West Sepik is completely different to that of someone from the Chimbu.

Closer to home the amazing culture of the Chimbu is again completely different to that of the intriquing Bena Bena.

This is what makes PNG so unique and interesting.

David - Na Rose embawan mockwa. Wagai wei!

Rose - like most things in life, mutual respect is required. In my case I had a curiosity about my wife's tok-ples & learned it. Made all the difference in my life, our relationship & my understanding how kastam works. Also probably turned me into a lateral thinker which allows me to probably fit in better to the wider community. Halpim man bilong yu long lainim tokples. Have 'tok-ples days' between you occasionally. When he asks for a cuppa tea on that day it's gotta be in tokples! Good luck to you both!

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