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17 December 2012


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But as the show is broadcast widely in PNG on the only free-to-air channel and has many viewers, then surely it is a major influence.

This suggests it should accept it's responsibilities to its PNG viewers, and is also a major marketing opportunity for PNG interests (hint).

Today averages only around 350,000 viewers in Australia. I reckon the number in PNG is probably similar.

But even if it's half of the Australian figures, its a major share which should not be ignored or neglected.

Robin, Cathy Novak from SBS did well during the 2012 general elections.

Richard Reed and Richard Wilkins made the show interesting for me not for the entertainment news they reported but their personalities.

At one stage I questioned the rationale behind the Show because it was in a mega way irrelevant to PNG.

Channels 7 & and 9 duke it out in the trenches with each trying to outdo each other to gain viewer ratings.

But alas, in the absence of any serious attention to more important issues other than celebrity gossip as raison d'etre, I notice they have recently taken that old tried and proven method of using cash giveaways as their main attention seeker.

Would be nice if some odd viewer in PNG could also occasionally,have the chance to win Lotto?

I'm with Johnny Blades but I would extend his comment to include 90% of all television.

With regard to Today, who cares whether their viewers know anything about PNG.

I imagine that the sort of people who watch it care very little about anything except themselves.

It is totally unnecessary that your average Australian moron knows anything about PNG.

That's why I like SBS (including its weather) - a sense of context, connection to and inclusion in the larger world, rather than populist parochialism and often self-aborption.

And while you're about it, Richard, the shows could all take a hard look at why they so punctiliously report the Dow, the NASDAQ and Tapis - most people haven't a clue what they mean - and come up with more meaningful indicators and less waffle.

If Lisa dressed in Mekeo bilas, I'd watch Today.

And imagine Karl in Simbu feathers!

Johnny - you are right. Colin - you are sort of right. Karl has been to PNG and knows the country sort of, but I doubt he's been to any villages.

Karl - you stand free to correct me.

And he judged a beauty contest at Crowne Plaza. I was there.

Nevertheless Australia remains wildly ignorant about PNG - no thanks to Today.

Watching breakfast TV is bad for your health. That's a proven fact.

Good God, Peter! Karl Stefanovic! Dressed up as you suggest, never, he loves his friendly smile and his teeth.

The only reason he retains his job, the ladies watching his news go into 7th heaven.

I would be surprised if Karl really had a clue where PNG was.

David Attenborough may gave launched his career in PNG.
Stefanovic! Never. Sorry to disappoint the female readers.
Lovely teeth, pity about the brains.

For us in PNG, the Today Show, 60 Minutes etc are great sources of knowledge and insight into your world.

If it isn't a business decision for EMTV to air the Today Show every morning, then perhaps they should consider breaking the monotony by alternating with other similar morning shows from around the region especially Asia.

I agree with Peter and, Richard, this is a bit like Foreign Ministers Bob Carr's flak and forgiveness earlier this morning.

Richard talked about the welcome home for Ryan Pini.

When the late Slim Dusty visited Mendi and performed a travelling concert in various centres about 19 something (memories gone), people lined the road from Hagen to Mendi before the advent of mobile phones and email.

As we said earlier this morning, Richard also has come in for his share of flak during the past year... but if he is now contributing and reading Attitude he also could be on the path for redemption.


Do advertisers on Today really make money from PNG watchers buying their goods?

If Today stopped being broadcast in PNG would there really be a drop in revenue for these advertisers?

The answer to the above two questions would seem to be no.

Today is a commercial TV show not a diplomatic exercise.

They won't care about PNG unless it affects their ratings and/or their income.

Richard - They used to have the Port Moresby weather but dropped it around 2007. I actually wrote a letter to them complaining about this at the time, but never got a reply.

And Karl has been to PNG several times, and was greeted like a hero, but I believe stayed within the safe confines of the Crown Plaza.

Let's see a Today special on PNG with Karl and Lisa dressing in bilas and travelling around the Highlands.

If David Attenborough can do it (and he launched his meteoric career in PNG by the way) then they can too.

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