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03 December 2012


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Paul Tiensten MP for Pomio wants the controversal seabed mining to go ahead: Link here

Thanks Joe for the study and the great article here. Almost all people from both coastal and inland provinces from Papua New Guinea have resist this project for some reason.

However, we also have to know that environmental and health risk assessments are done by specialists.

And they know that there won't be any great impact on the marine lives and its eco-systems.

Lets not just talk about the bad side of the project. Look at both sides.

That's true gentlemen. This method has never been used by many countries in the world and if we allow Natilius Minerals to develop this projects, its going to be serious.

This experimental seabed mining will completely destroy underwater hydrothermal vents.

These vents contain mineral deposits but are also rich and unique eco-systems which contain many species which are yet to be discovered and which scientists believe could hold the secrets to the origins of life.

Mr O'Neill and his government and the Opposition MPs must reverse this decision. PNG does not need this project.

Thanks for the great efforts, Joe, in doing this interview. It's really interesting to know that this project is the first of its kind.

Mr O'Neill, we already have some serious corrupt practices already here in PNG by the past governments.

Some of the examples are the Indonesia saga, Julian Moti affair, $300 million Cayman Island deal, NPF saga, privatisations, Sandline crisis, selling off 50% of B-mobile telecommunication, establishment of Petromin PNG, and many more.

All these practices of the old dogs and their parties will influence your government regarding such decisions as on seabed mining that concerns vast majority of the people.

Mr O'Neill must be consistent to his party polices he outline during the elections campaign, on the TV, radio and newspapers.

Transparency, accountability and good governance must be centre of his government. And that’s what PNG needs.

Do we desperately need this seabed mining in PNG, Mr O'Neill?

It's little bit disgusting to read this conversation.

I think there is no need for any new mining, oil and gas projects for that matter.

I was so happy when I read an article which appeared on PNG Attitude on 17 November 2012, posted by Daniel Cressey from the Nature News Blog where it said the "controversial deep sea mining company Nautilus Minerals is terminating the construction".

Are you saying that Peter O'Neill has agreed with Nautilus Minerals to continue digging up the seabed, therefore stuffing up the ocean and food security for the many poor coastal villages that depend so much on it.

This is pure madness and bagarapment. Not development at all. This is a no win situation for the coastal people of PNG.

Peter O'Neill, I know you read PNG Attitude. Please do the right thing for your people and terminate the construction altogether.

Chalapi, what follows is an exchange between the ABC’s Jemima Garrett and Peter O’Neill in a transcript just released. It suggests the Nature News Blog got a bit ahead of itself - KJ:

GARRETT: Let's turn now to Nautilus Minerals…. Is the PNG government still committed to going ahead with that investment?

O'NEILL: We are committed to participating. Under the law, PNG mining law, we have the opportunity to participate in the project up to 30% of the sunk costs that they have spent and take up equity through that. The dispute is very much on the manner in which this particular project can be advanced….

GARRETT: There has been a huge grassroots campaign against deep sea mining on environmental grounds. To what extent has that influenced your government's position?

O'NEILL: We appreciate and we acknowledge the concerns that the grassroots have expressed though the social media network and other avenues but we must debate these issues on facts not on emotions. And, for me, I would like to see the experts in the industry.

From what I understand the technology being used is similar technology to being used to explore for oil and gas and the other areas. So that must be put to rest and I am certain the experts that we are engaging will give us some certainty on how environmental damage… can be addressed in a comfortable manner.

There was nothing much done for the resource rich provinces by the giant Ok Tedi, Lihir, Bougainville Copper, Misima and Porgera Gold.

More than half of the people are still living below the poverty line.

If the government had properly assessed and issued licenses and permits in terms of environment, health, economic and social impacts in line with updated laws governing these resources, I think PNG would have been developed.

The government needs to amend the resource laws and regulate instead of just issuing permits and licenses to companies.

We must realise that the boom in the mining and petroleum sector is a cyclical wave. One day these non-renewable resources will be exhausted.

We do not need a new resource development. PNG needs change in the resource laws and transparency to fly higher.

Thanks Joe for this great article. The O'Neill-Deon government must stop this seabed mining because we don't need it.

Try and look for some ways to make sure services are delivered transparently instead of issuing permits and licences here and there.

Joe, you are really true. I loved reading this article. I think your interview results are very useful to the government, NGOs and activists to some extent especially at this stage of the project.

Yes, i agree that so many projects in the country have never entered the country through proper processes. Foreign companies in mining, oil and gas, logging, agriculture and businesses in the country come the way.

Its also true that top economic powers and developed countries have treated PNG as another testing and playing ground.

Come on young O'Neil and your vibrant team, never be convinced in any way. Be careful when permitting and guaranteeing such people into our country.

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