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29 November 2012


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John coached me as a shot putt champion along with the wonderful Jean Roberts, Our time at Coburg athletic club was made so special by this amazing human being, thx for the experience Joy Hart/Aird 1960-1964

I'm sorry to learn about John's departure. We were in a course on group dynamics at Temple University back in the early seventies. in Philadelphia. He was always in mood, quite enthusiastic and highly motivated.

I dont recall the '66 SPG, Richard, because I wasnt there, but who could ever forget the ebullient and always larger-than-life John Cheffers!

One could tell, on first meeting, that he'd be a natural leader and teacher, as he was, and absolutely the best of company in any circumstance.

I was privileged to meet, dine and drink with him during the '69 SPG when Moresby was transformed, for two weeks, into something akin to a love-fest - and we public servants who had any official involvement in any of the sporting activities were given two weeks leave to do so.

Some readers may not be aware Johnnie Cheffers played four VFL games for Carlton in the days before the Victorian-based VFL morphed into the national AFL.

He never let me forget his love of the BlueBoys, especially as I am a rabid Geelong supporter.

I acknowledge John was in Moresby for the 1969 South Pacific Games. I also have a memory of him in Noumea in 1966 for those Games, just the second in the sequence.

Big Bobby 'Moose' Davis, myself and a rather notorious Moresby denizen named Col Buscombe had one or two memorable sessions with John Ch in one or other of Noumea's boozers.

All of them a fair bit more up-market than Moresby's Top and Bottom pubs - or blood houses.

Does anyone else recall Cheffers and the '66 New Caledonia SPG?

I covered the boxing and one or two other disciplines for the then South Pacific Post.

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