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15 November 2012


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I hold to heart my Hela culture which, as you say, "is probably the last of the strongest and oldest cultures in the world and—sad to say one of the last dying ones"

What better way to preserve this dying culture in any way we can than to write a book or at least keep a record in print?

I applaud Damien Arabagali for a job well done. This is the times of preserving and promoting our culture in any way we can.

Even when I depart this earth I have lived to know that the truth to my culture is still alive.

Thank you Damien Arabagali.

I found your comments very interesting. But I think you may be wrong when you say -"There are no tales, traditional knowledge, myths or legends on earth that coincide with the Bible the way these legends do".

The memories of man's earliest days have been recorded in the Chinese language in the form of ideographic pictures.

These picture words (characters, or you might call it "Chinese writing") which are still used today, show the Creation, the Temptation and Fall, the Flood, the Tower of Babel and what it means to be truly blessed, i.e. stories from the book of Genesis in the Bible.

After the Tower of Babel, when God confused the language, the people were scattered throughout the world.

It is believed that the original Chinese ancestors (the Chinese speakers) migrated to the land now known as China.

It is believed that in around about 2200 BC they started to invent Chinese characters.

We believe that Genesis wasn't written until about 1400 BC in the Middle East, 700 years or so after Chinese characters were first invented.

You certainly should have pride in the ancient culture of your ancestors and hope that, now so many of the traditional stories and secrets have been told, that something will be done to help preserve your traditional language.

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