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03 October 2012


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Thank you Erasmus for putting this matter so eloquently.

Deep sea mining and submarine tailing disposal are the two most dangerous factors contibuting to ocean polution, which should not have been allowed to be implemented at the first place in PNG.

Their is no excuse and reason for these madness to continue. Let us put a stop to it please.

KJ - In the 12th paragraph I meant to say the NZ Government study as expressed by their Foreign Minister at the Tuna conference put the loss to pilfering to the South Pacific Islands is conservatively put at USD$400 Million per annum.

To PNG conservatively would be a loss in the vicinity of USD$100 (say K400 Million) at least to illegal fishing every year.

I this figure be extrapolated over a ten year period, we are talking almost USD1 Billion (K4 Billion)to PNG alone! Now thats scary, isnt it!

This nation must have a proper conversation on this loss now!The time to do so has gone begging for a long long time.

If we extrapolate the figures over 37 years since Independence, and even discount it by a given factor as quantity surbeyors would do, the picture is quite grim.

Pacific countries do not have the necessary statistics to even plan or debate the NZ figures. We must err of the catious side and take this issue seriously.

Erasmus has pointed out many of the dangers faced by the fishing industry in PNG.

Let us hope that the Hon. Gary Juffa and other members of Parliament will be able to work at stopping the threats to PNG fishing, especially the valuable tuna industry.

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