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05 October 2012


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Well put Jo, it may be time that Big Al hung up the mike, put on a jersey and applied for selection to join the main game rather than merely being a sideline referee afflicted with poor eyesight.

Would be an interesting scenario if Al did take up your offer for a fact finding tour of PNG.

Could just imagine him au naturel decked out with some ars gras bilas for appropriate modesty grabbing the mike and hitting the stage in the highlands.

Don’t know what topic he might pick but knowing his expertise would probably take up on some issue that would grab the audiences attention and have them enthralled.

That’s the nature of the beast I guess.

Ben - steady mate, we're not all like that!

Alan Jones epitomizes the quintessential male bigot of the 19th century who cannot see past his phallus, or his insipid complexion to realize that those of his genus have been long dead and have no place in today’s society.

The rubbish he continues to spew forth is an attack not only on Gillard and the women of Australia and the Pacific, but also on all Pacific Islanders and Australians who are progressive and have mental capacities six feet above the guttural existence he is belongs to.

His attack on Gillard for committing $320m to the Pacific community for women’s empowerment and development programs is an attack on, and an insult to all the peoples of the Pacific.

It gives the assertion that we do not deserve the assistance and chance to improve our lot through programs which will see our women develop socially, economically and politically. To develop our homes. Our communities. Our countries.

He is a remnant of the all-male, white Australian era that needs to be permanently wiped off the face of this planet.

Well said Jo.

Australian 'journos' have next to no knowledge of the situation facing women in our immediate neighbourhood, and their ignorant denunciation of attempts to help just adds to their discredit.

I speak as one whose PNG sis had just had a forced and dangerous self-abortion as she could not afford to look after a child and the man took no responsibility.

It's ignorant men like Jones who are 'destroying the joint'. And don't dare mention arrests in London public toilets.

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