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21 October 2012


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I remember when I was growing up that TB patients were sometimes sent to isolation hospitals like the one at Waterfall, near Sydney.

If this new strain of TB, which Catherine Abraham has, is so hard to cure, I can see the need for setting up some of these special isolation hospitals in PNG and probably North Queensland too.

I remember going to visit one in the past, in PNG, for people suffering from leprosy.

Well, Dr Jeannette Young, I believe your words will come back to haunt you.

TB is becoming the biggest single health issue among your nearest neighbour and is going to give North Queensland an escalating problem if Australian Health continues to downplay the threat.

Now that your prime minister and Bob Carr have attained their prestigious seat on the UN Security Council, just maybe, maybe, they could take some time to visit their nearest neighbour.

Bring Dr Jeannette with them and visit the TB wards in Daru, Port Moresby and Lae.

Then write an article and reassure the residents of those centres and Cairns we all have nothing to worry about.

Do not downplay the issue... you are wrong

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