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03 October 2012


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More questions must be asked of the PNG government and it's political leaders as to where the K300 million goes each year.

There's no real improvement in health indicators such as infant and maternal mortality, and the medical equipment are all outdated and inoperable.

There seems to be serious inability, corruption and incompetence within the health Dept to deliver better health care to it's people. PNG lags well behind the other poorer Pacific island countries in health services standards...

The wealth of PNG must be seen to be reflected in service delivery to it's people.

With tears I thank these doctors for going to PNG & doing what they can. I only wish I could thank them personally.

But as others have said, where is the $300 million dollars that Australia gives PNG each year?

And where are the royalties from PNG mining going?

It certainly is not evident in PNG's health system. One can only surmise it is being pilfered before it gets to the people on the ground.

Whilst I sincerely thank these great dedicated doctors for the work they have been doing over the years with the wonderful people of PNG, I must ask where is the money going that Australia is giving to support our neighbours.

From talking to some people, I suspect that the money is not going into the right area very often ending up by one means or another in someones "pocket".

We're happy to publish your comments, Brian, but in future could you provide your surname - KJ

Great work, doctors. Thank you for the effort you have been putting in for the children over the years which demonstrates the love for have for this country.

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