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23 September 2012


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Bro, nice piece of writing, and definitely the truth.

As a Bougainvillean who lived through the crisis what you said was absolutely the truth and none of our leaders rarely say or merely mention these true facts about what happened.

Thank you for your part in telling the truth about some of the hidden truths in our islands saga. Keep it up someone needs to tell the truth.

Enjoyed your well written piece.

Having been a resident on Bougainville for 17 years, I had some inkling of how the conflict unfolded and applaud the Bougainvillean people for what was initially a well managed, well intentioned movement to regain rights over their land and traditional way of life.

It saddens me that all those good intentions were marred by the self serving unruly few. Thanks for your piece. It cleared a few misunderstandings up for me.

A thousand tears for the late Anthony Anugu, a humble, kind and dedicated leader.

May he dwell and rest in peace in the house of the Lord, Jehovah.

That is one wonderful and interesting piece.Inspiring I would say.
Though some of the things mentioned were not known to some of us ( whom are also Bougainvillians) but revealing such information brings frustration and also sympathy.
I feel for those who have been through the trauma of that civil war because this would not have happen if the government did considered the people's demands.
The apathy from the government had now left the people of Bougainville the scare in their memories..... and that would be for life.
Again thank you for sharing that piece.....

Thank you Leonard, for yet another insightful look at Bougainville, the crisis and the aftermath.

There is indeed more work to be done, and as in the case of development across this region, only through pure, all-rounded education can we progress forward for the betterment of our land and our people.

In saying that, our leaders most keep an ever watchful eye to pick up insightful observation and analysis from the likes of Leonard Fong Roka.

Keep championing the truth, bruh, for "ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make your free." (John 8:32)

Well said. This is an eye opener for those people who do not understand well the root of the bloody civil war.

I assume not all the indigenous people of Bougainville knew about this stuff about the BRA falsely using Ona's name in the ill treatment of the innocent people whose suffering was long endured in the 10 year war period.

For those who knew about this may have a daunting feeling to raise the issue. Thankyou for the initiative to raise it.

Well written my brother, but sad to miss your dad.

From my own perception of the Bougainville crisis, there is not one single factor that should be isolated as a sole cause of the conflict.

Instead there is a series of predominant causes which can trace the roots directly to the Panguna mine.

According to Bougainville history, the mine at Panguna had been perhaps the major spearing point between Bougainville and the mainland.

The mine was the largest non-aid revenue stream of the Government of Papua New Guinea from the nation’s independence in 1975 to the mine’s closure.

In fact, as a devoted Papua New Guinean, I upkeep the distasteful action that is done by the BRA, regardless of any interpolation they have done.

They have the human rights to fight for they own interest and so for their families.

They also claimed that Bougainville Copper had set up a system of apartheid on the island, with one set of facilities for white workers, and one set for the locals.

They accused Bougainville Copper Ltd of being responsible for poisoning the entire length of the Jaba River, and causing birth defects, as well as the extinction of the flying fox on the island.

We all have human rights based on integration.

In fact, the BRA will not be formed if our government does what that needs to be done right, at least puts a hand to show its concern but rather they are ignorant.

What they need is justice.

Thanks for the insight, mate. It surely shows how the PNGDF and the BRA fought each other and how the revolution began.

And coming from someone who has see the events that occurred. It is our history and will be remembered.

Leonard, well written. Possibly some insight as to why it went off the rails.

It seems all was based on reaction thinking and therefore when the goal is secured there is no actual way forward planned or even a common cause for the future.

That then brings about the splintering and what was once cameraderie can often then become bitter bloody feuds as happens all to often across the region.

Quess what, there was a recent march in Buka led by the ex combatants (top brass of BRA and resistance) seeking review on the Peace Agreement amongst other issues.

From the onset this is a positive move, but why did it take this long for us to come up with initiative?

There are underlying issues that need to be taken into account as well. Have these group leaders reconciled their past with the civil populace? Can they reveal to their loyal troops how much wealth they have acquired in their reign?

There is no time to waste here, i.e., Mr Kauona, where are the benefits from the Canada deal? Just food for thought, the well that supplied the manna must be drying up.

Leonard, you have a broad mindset and have raised the very issues that seem to be swept under the carpet in the high offices.

Bougainville seem to be stable but the undercurrent cannot be underestimated. We are sitting on a timebomb or monster we created. Mi nap lo hia, nogut oli kolim me suspect gen

This is certainly a developing story. Whiteskin, redskin and blackskin appear to be at fault to some various extent.

White and black could not get together without red. CRA wanted to give, Bougainville wanted to receive, PNG politicians could not organise to renegotiate the agreement for 21 years.

The most important message to come out of Bougainville is that if we wish to live together we have to talk together with a good will.

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