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06 September 2012


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Liam Creedon is the Press Association’s wildlife writer and regular travel writer, having previously worked as a political reporter in the House of Commons. He is also Head of Press at Butterfly Conservation – the UK wildlife charity for Butterflies and Moths and edits Butterfly Conservation’s members’ magazine – Butterfly. He offers a different view of PNG....

Hair-care tips from Huli Wigmen and breath-taking views of Ribbon-tailed Astrapia vied for the title of trip highlight during my PNG tour.

Flying into the mist-fringed Tari Gap heralded my introduction to the cultural smorgasbord of the Highlands.

Village elders painstakingly explained Huli traditions and the secrets behind their vibrant ceremonial costumes while the importance of wig making in the area was laid bare at the Huli Wig School.

The wildlife of the Highlands proved equally compelling as Blue Bird of Paradise and Long Tailed Astrapia flitted around the canopy of Ambua Lodge.

Then onto the tropical warmth of the Bismarck Coast and the pearl of the Pacific – Madang.

Malolo Plantation Lodge proved a relaxing base to explore a diverse area boasting a myriad of languages and rich history.

But you can’t visit Madang without exploring its wonderful underwater wildlife and a snorkelling trip of the coral cay Tadwai Island revealed virulently-coloured fish and corals straight from the cast of Finding Nemo.

Papua New Guinea proved a wonderfully engaging location with warm hosts, outstanding natural riches and mesmerising cultural history.

The Star newspaper in the UK is one of the worst rags ever. They regularly print complete rubbish (their latest headline is about the man with the world's biggest penis who can't see his feet when he looks down) that gives you an idea of their idea of journalism.

Also Elvis is alive and a B52 bomber has been sighted on the moon (really). Sad thing is that some Poms keep buying it.

Best forgotten as quickly as possible.

Av a good weekend!

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