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28 August 2012


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I heard mentioned that the refugees could be given freedom of Manus. That should give plenty of opportunities for getting messages out.

Why make Manusians part of R&R to make the Australian Government feel better?

Some refugees will be rejected by Australia for various reasons, Should the general population be exposed to the beliefs and actions of these damaged people?

I'm sure you all know that Pato means Duck.

Quack, Quack!

I hope the action taken by Mr Pato is rational and reflects a decision where the outcome will be for the interest of most Papua New Guineans.

Because I think the majority of the population of this nation don't want the Australians to undermine the sovereignty of this independent nation by seeing it as their dumping ground.

This is a meaningless gesture. Just get a tourist visa and take your iPhone. Or employ some of the numerous PNG stringers to go there for themselves and take as many pics as they want.

Mugau Jereminah, sorry for mistaking you for a Mr!

Well, at the heart of this issue is something that the PNG and Australian governments are trying to obscure by doing things like banning media access.

I too think PNG should play by its own rules, lead from the front etc. If there's a better way to help your neighbouring country address its asylum seeker paranoia, then I think many would applaud PNG for showing it.

You have to wonder about how such a lucky country as Australia can keep treating people who have none of this luck, who are desperate, persecuted and in dire need of help, with such unfairness.

It's funny when people think of me as a Mr when actually I'm a Miss. Anyway, no problem.

So it's an international issue right? We let the world into our own little world so they can help us solve this issue. Its okay coz trust is needed to be earned.


Mr Jerominah - Of course they're different situations but the comment was more about the universal folly of such bans where ever you look around the region, world etc.

And after all, we're talking about an international issue, or as Pato puts it, a regional matter.

And no one's challenging who you are. Acceptance is a given from my corner.

Any thinking Papua New Guinean should never agree with the reopening of the Manus Asylum Seekers Processing Centre. It is unconstitutional to begin with. But the imposition of a media ban is seriously dangerous ground we're treading on here, and it is a cause for alarm.

But I would like to quickly highlight something here for anybody thinking along the same line as our good friend Mugau Jerominah here.

I understand where Mr Jerominah is coming from and I can clearly see the tinge of patriotism in those words, but let me remind you that the reopening of the 'Manus Island Asylum Seekers Processing Centre' is not exactly an "issue that arises in this county" as you say. It was and is an AUSTRALIAN issue that has been offloaded onto PNG shores. Do not be misled by the "regional issue/solution" tag.

Don't you realise PNG is already "playing by their rules" and we are already doing it "their way"?

And look at how they handle this when they play dumb to the press:

"A spokesman for Foreign Minister Bob Carr’s office said: ‘‘We’re seeking further information — it’s a concern and our high commissioner is looking for more detail.’’ "

Yeah right.

Does anyone seriously believe this statement? Anything to do with Manus Island these days would have to go through Bob Carr and his office because Australia is at the heart of the Manus Island matter. It is reasonable to say good ol' Bob will know of anybody going to or leaving Manus these days.

Mr Pato is merely doing "their" bidding, so don't you for once dare to think we're "doing it our way".

Wake up and smell the coffee, brother.

I strongly disagree with the Minister.

Report everything (good, bad and ugly) and let people make up their own minds about the issues.

What is the Minister afraid of?

Conveniently using culture to hide and serve Australia's interest is not on. Manus Island deal (or whatever it's called) should not even be on our agenda because it's none of our business.

Does the Minister know what message about PNG he is sending to the rest of the world by sucking up to Australia? Does he realise he is selling our soul by doing that?

Hello Mr Blades - I don't know if you are joking. Our situation is totally different from the West Papuans; we are an independant state while they aren't.

One thing I really dislike is people comparing us with others. Just accept us as who we are.

Thanks, thanks.

This is an ancient and immature outlook. I reckon the new minister and learned lawyer has made his first judgement call error in his transition from dealings in courts to dealings in foreign affairs and media!

So a ban on reporters will prevent misreporting. Maybe so, but it is also a ban on free speech.

Pato should read some Plato. "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance."

I wonder if Pato thoroughly thought this through. Media suppression only fuels the fire and only supports theories about the kind of government that we have.

Yeah, it's good thinking, Mugau Jerominah.

Kind of like the success that Indonesia has had by maintaining a tight cordon around West Papua and outside access to it.


As a devoted Manusian, I'm so proud of my island and its exquisiteness and I want it to remain that way. By having visiters into that island “speaks a lot of words.”

I’m supportive of Mr Pato and the decision he made because that’s how we used our own astuteness to think and do things.

Congratulations! Good thinking Mr Pato. This is how everything should happen.

This is our country and every issue that arises in this county is our concern. We won't play by their rules, we'll play by ours and we'll do it our way.

We have the brains and there are some things we do better than them.

Thank you and once again congratulations...

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