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05 August 2012


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Hello Dulcie, lovely to hear your kind words. And you and your whole family have been in my prayers over many years.

I hope all is going well for you all during your father's retirement.

If you ever want to contact me, my email address is

You are like a grand-daughter to me - one I have not been able to watch growing up. But your Dad has mentioned you often. God bless you.

Hello Barbara,
I remember you as Barbara Neismith, spending time with us many many years ago here in Moresby, as my dad was a former student of yours in East Sepik.

A wonderful and strong woman who we pray will always be in God's care.

God is good.

Thanks for sharing Barbara.

Stumbled across this blog but seems it might be the same Jean (ex real estate agent) who was very kind to me as a young troubled teen many years ago. Lovely lady.

I wish you health & happiness for the future. God Bless.

Thanks to God Almighty for such a wonderful person you are.

It is true and real that there are times problems will be flooding in our life, even though we are still in God's hand.

This is how God works to strengthen our faith on our journey here on earth. Despite of all this, God always wins.

Hello Barbara - A very moving account of your fight against this terrible disease.

Glad you fought and won and you are surrounded by wonderful friends.

Continue to have faith in our Lord.

Dear Barbara, what a remarkable story of courage and hope. Thank you for sharing your experience. An inspiration to all of us.

May you continue to walk with the Lord for He is good and faithful in all that concerns us. Have a great day.

Thank you Barbara for sharing your story with us.

It's educational as well as pleasing to note that the close friends that stick with us in life are the ones that Christ brings into our lives.

May the Lord bless those guardian angles (and your faithful church members) with good health and long life for standing with you to be a blessing and inspiration to the PNG Attitude readers during that period.

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