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01 August 2012


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Social media is not only a tool for development in PNG but it is also promoting a new type of sexual revolution.

Move over Hollywood and the Western Porn Industry, Papua New Guinea's got talent.

Apart from these groups on the right which Michelle mentioned (that is my categorization), we also have leftist groups who are more into sex talk and pornography.

These groups are made up of mostly young people who upload pictures of their sex organs and themselves having sex. After uploading they tag their friends. The tagging exposes the pornographic picture to everyone who is a friend of their friend because it appears on their wall.

In recent times, facebook users like KTS Ambai and Jada Westirian Gel have polluted our pages with their work of art. Their braveness to comment that "this is me and my cousin" without being afraid of the consequences can be interpreted in many ways.

If you are tempted to search for these two girls or boys on face book do not waste your time because facebook has closed down their accounts based on reports from users. But there are hundreds of them still out there.

Just yesterday another user tagged a vivid picture of the Kama Sutra containing 10 different positions. On Sunday, a not too clear version was uploaded and tagged.

The catch is not to tag people who are your friends but are not in the inner circle, or simply do not tag at all because if you do the chances of you being reported is high.

These group of individuals are also posting comments about their sexual needs and fantasies. I respect their rights to say whatever they want to say as per the Constitution.

The key sign post that helps me to identify these people is that most of them go by pseudonyms related to pidgin swear words. Pidgin words with reference to the different sex organs and the act of sex.

In addition, those people on the tag list are people with common interest. By visiting their profile and going through their pictures you will draw your own conclusion.

Another notable group moved recently from having a blog dedicated to pornographic pictures of Papua New Guineans to setting up a facebook group where it is easy to upload pictures according to the administrator.

According to the administrator, it is not a crime to take pornographic pictures but it is a crime to be in possession of them. That was something I did not know before.

Thus, social media is transforming PNG at a very rapid pace.

From my teaching experience in PNG I came to realize that amongst the PNG people there are many with brilliant minds. I would say that Michelle is one of them.

Hopefully PNG will lead the way in making social media contribute meaningfully to a working democracy.

I hope they will find answers to all of Michelle's questions.

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