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01 August 2012


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Shila - there's this on agriculture.

And this from AusAID...

It's almost 18 months since the new Hela Province was granted on 17 May 2012. I am searching for a provinical strategic plan. Could someone advice where I could access one?

Yes Paul I agree. Marape is saying unusual comments -
Here is something from the Post Courier - 14 November 2013.

Marape: OBE has good results


"THE highly controversial outcome based education curriculum currently being used in schools in the country was questioned yesterday during Question Time in Parliament.
Telefomin MP Peter Iwei asked the Minister for Education James Marape how effective the system has been.
Mr Iwei asked Mr Marape to elaborate on the how the free education scheme ties into the country’s future plans.
Mr Marape in response said the outcome based education review that was carried out two months ago showed signs that the system benefited the country.
“I have sighted the review report and I am glad to say that it is tailor made for Papua New Guinean students,” Mr Marape said.
“They have done away with all the other subjects and outcome based education default procedures that were heavily criticised when the system was introduced almost a year ago.
“The revised curriculum that will be rolled out in 2014 will benefit PNG,” said the minister.
“The main aim of the O’Neill-Dion Government, when the free education idea was developed, was to increase the number of students. “In 2002, the intake percentage for students in the country was 53 percent; it has gone up to 74 percent since the government introduced the policy,” said Mr Marape.
He said this was testament to the great benefits that can be felt by the nation with the full execution of the joint Outcome Based Education-Free Education program that will be rolled out at the end of January next year."

I thought the Education Department agreed ages ago that OBE has not been a success in PNG and a new approach has to been adopted. Did they forget to tell Marape?

Also they don't seem to be using the term Schools of Excellence any more but I believe that the people in the Education department are trying to do something to help the old National High Schools to develop them into schools for the gifted and talented where they can be taught using international syllabi and reach similar standards to students in Australian Schools at the end of Year 12.

Marape does not seem to understand about the huge drop in educational standards in PNG schools.

He is also the Minister who said Wartoto did a good job on renovating Keravat NHS. Everyone who watched the Four Corners program now knows what really happened. Sadly, from a distance Marape looks like a person who is out of touch with what is going on in the Education Department.

Now I hear that the funds for re-establishing Passam National High School have gone. Five million kina meant for Passam was diverted from Waigani to pay land compensation. The school's infrastructure project has come to a halt.

What happened to the "schools of excellence" project. Marape is back and I haven't heard anything lately.

We Helans are very proud that we have young vibrant Hela leaders to build our new rich province Hela and guide our resources so that no stilman come at night to steal our resources.

There are more than 200 students from Hela studying overseas in different fields, especially in the Philippines.

On behalf of Hela students in the Philippines, I would like say congratulate my Hela leaders.

We are facing problem here with the school fee, so please, our leaders, we apply to your higher offices to think about us.

Thanks all Hela leaders. We hope you all have big concern for us and trust that our leaders do something for us next year, 2014.

Obviously these men from the minerals-rich Hela Province will be the ones who will be sorely tempted to acquire personal wealth. They need "personal advisors" to keep them on the "straight and narrow".

James Marape was a keen backer of the "Schools of Excellence" project so, if he makes it back, I hope he will be a force for good when it comes to improving education in PNG.

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