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23 July 2012


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Wow! I know it's never that easy to climb till you reached that destiny.

I believed it was a long time dream and also a laying down of life you sacrificed to achive and see this day come to its fullness.

Thank God for such a strong and a courageous heart like you Loujaya. That's the spirit of Joseph.

So you've held onto your dream for so long till now it came into reallity. It's all about the power that works in you (Ephesians 3:20).

Congratulations, Mrs Toni. Being your student back at Aiyura in 97-98 you have been an inspiration to many. May the good lord bless you with wisdom and clear thinking.

Loujaya Toni.. You are an inspiration to all women and the nation as a whole. Wonderful poem. Congratulations on becoming the Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development! God bless...

Loujaya, You have no one to emulate and fill anyone’s thongs, sandals, shoes and what have you.

Follow the timeless instructions and values from your mother and father – who I believe must be devout Christians. Things will be fine – with the Spirit of God guiding every step of your journey.

Pay no attention to advisors and proposals made to you with strings attached, especially items that God detests.

I publicly volunteer to skim through bills and proposals made through your Ministerial Office if deemed necessary.

Many a budding PNG women leaders are encouraged by your win – the legacy you set behind is important

Thank you all for your kind words and the effort taken by the author of writeup about me.

I remind myself of what some writer said in years gone by...'When you laugh, the World laughs with you but when you cry, you cry alone'.

I thank God for the years that have gone and I stand on their rememberances- an Ebenezar stone. In my hand is a pebble I am ready to skim it over uncharted waters and watch the distance it accomplishes from where I stand.

You are my friends for now but my journey is one I must make alone in a house of many divides.Trust no one but God and yourself in Him.

MP 4 Lae and Minister for Community Development, Hon.Loujaya Toni.

We all still feel the thrill of you victory Loujaya, and congratulate on your important ministerial appointment - KJ

Loujaya Toni is such a courageous women in her time. I am thinking of following her but the situation made it a hindrance.

Congratulation Loujaya, women of courage. You will be like Delilah and people will come to you for advice and encouragement.

God will open many doors for you to break through many obstacle. My prayer is with you.

Congratulations to you, Loujaya Tony, my teacher formerly known as Ms Duna at Aiyura National High School in 2008.

You truly will make a good leader, you deserve that seat in parliament.

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you - Philippians 4:13.

Congratulations Loujaya, you are a very inspiring woman. You have made us woman proud this election. May God bless you.

In one word I can say she's astounding.

Wow,an inspiration to us young women. I just got goose bumps.

I think you are one of the God choosen leaders for our Country, PNG. God bless you!

Madam, with due respect to others, but, don't let gender be an issue in your tenure because the good Lord gave you this mandate to be his people's servant and not somebody's leader.

Be a person and do not give people the excuse to remind themself that you are a woman.

Welcome to the lair of the wolves. Be strong.

You are the Queen Esther in PNG.

God bless and be with you. Congratualtions!

It is soooo good to see a PNG woman elected by her people to represent them.

To this young lady: I do not know you but what does it matter? You are a woman and a PNGean and I am hoping you all the best for what is coming your way.

You are the Ruth of the Bible in our times; it was for such time as this you were born - so go girl!

I will you cheer from here in my my God help me remember her and other great women of PNG.

Congratulations Loujaya! This is inspirational, you've done it for the women of PNG.

My appreciation goes to your voters who have the confidence in you, especially in such an environment.

This is a motivation for other voters in other regions. Who knows after another five years, we hope to see more women. God bless you.

Congratulations Loujaya. I can only begin to imagine how hard you must have worked to achieve this great victory.

Very best wishes for your future in a challenging and difficult environment

Congratulations Loujaya, we the women of Solomon Islands will learn from your success and in the years to come will get to Parliament.

God bless you and give you wisdom and strength to represent your community and nation as a whole.

Great meaning behind.....

Loujaya - Congratulations on your victory! I thank God that you are one of a kind.

I am throughly blessed and grateful to God to have known you when you were here at as a student at Goroka. You are an inspiration and a blessing to all of us.

You have become an inspiration to many of us! Congratulations and wish you all the best in the years to come.

For me, it is just wonderful to see all the women congratulating Loujaya.
I also pray that she will turn to God for wisdom in how to tackle the huge problems of corruption in the country. She will need a lot of patience and persistence and a "good moral compass", over the coming years.

Congratulations. Women are the manufacturers of man. You made history. God be with you in your new political career at the national level.

Congratulations Loujaya for making history! May God bless you... (the poem reduced me to tears!') .. the wait is over .... God is good!

A real inspiration you are. Touch hearts as young as three and making a mark in PNG politics.

God bless you for that, and we look forward to see you touch others with those blessings.

Congratulations to you, Loujaya Toni.

You are an inspiration to the young women of today's generation. Congratulations on your win.

Congratulations Lou....After we parted at JVC, we meet again here...

Wow, this is a cool poem, very inspiring...

And congratulations, Loujaya Toni, for winning a seat in parliament.

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