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13 July 2012


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Wow! Great article Lorraine. Barasi keep up your great work.

Thank you Lorraine for this well researched and accurately written masterpiece about our Manam Culture.

Uperuiko Lorraine. This is a great piece of article as this event is already dying. Lets work together and save stories about our dying cultures for future Manam generations. I can be contacted on

Awesome! Nicely written. I am proud to be from Manam Island of the Taneopa Unguma clan, Kuluguma Village.

God Bless Our Island.

To God Be the Glory.

Thanks to Lorraine Basse for the well written tale, it shows how uniquely the Manam Islanders adulate the God given tradition.

Reading the tale gives me great gratification towards my culture. I can now pass on the tale to children and grandchildren in the generation to come.

Once more thank you Lorraine & may God bless our people in their struggles. Amen. Amuna.

Wow! What an extreme article. Could not skip reading through.

It is a great pleasure and honour to read something about my culture which is my identity. I'm proud to be a member of that unique society, Manam Island.

I give Lorraine a credit for such an inspiration.

(Maraugu....Kaiko Ilom Gere-gere...)

Thanks Lorraine, I love reading it, well constructed. I believed it will be of great help to the next generation of Manam Island to read and still remember or practice their traditional activities.

Another great story, Lorraine.
I could also imagine this one, well illustrated, being used as a reader in the primary schools.

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