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16 April 2012


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I've been doing some little philosophical study into the theme of your writing and like you said what really lie beneath our society's foundation and how it affects our life is something that haunts all of us. We gotta change the we live, the way we socialize and the way we interact. Keep it coming Emma, great work. All the bests.

Poor old Huggins. Some must have known him well. Was he a teacher? Pity he cant dress his piffle up with a bit of stirring memoir.

More on the Pindiu Tennis Comp, for instance. Maybe old Col. Huff will be persuaded to come back and join in again. Lots of fun.

The great thing which Keith has achieved is the creation of a space in the world of blogs where literate, thinking PNGeans are increasingly willing to put out their thoughts and opinions and sign their names to these - as opposed to PNG-based blogs, which, full of sound and fury though they are - are also universally characterised by a parade of aliases.

Thus Attitude has forged a niche for free expression in regard to PNG affairs, something of great value.

Howsat for a bit of gris, Masta Kit?

And although Attitude suffered initially from the contributions of some really stupid white men these seem to have died off. Largely.

Gutpela giris ia. We look forward to more expositions from the long absent and much missed Col. Huff on the good old days and how they have been sadly let down by the frolicking nonentities of the modern era - KJ

You can't find an effective solution until you define the problem. Emma has successfully defined the problem. Who is there now who will come up with a workable solution?

Don't even think about mouthing motherhood statements and platitudes. A workable solution please.

I totally agree with John Fowke's comments, especially about hoping lots of people read Emma's excellent essay.

I would not like to be a woman in PNG, in the village or the city. Emma has crystallized the reasons perfectly.

I can't for the life of me work out what Colin is carrying on about. Perhaps he should read the essay again.

Emma has picked up on five good lies which appear to be part of the current PNG mind-set.

John, I'm sure these haunting lies can also be heard by the male members of PNG society today.

We keep hearing that it is the "big men" who will get elected in the coming elections. I assume it is these so called "big men" who are pushing these lies.

I would prefer to hear that "men/women with integrity" will get elected.

There also seems to be a current mind set that "men are more suitable as members of the parliament".

Let us hope that one day "humility and integrity will achieve respect" in PNG and people will believe that "men and women are of equal value".

I feel it happened in the past. Why not now?

My God, dear John. You have just made Sir Humphrey Appleby look like a kindergarten kid.

You will have to explain all what you have expressed, as a person of limited knowledge of how to express myself, I am completely baffled.

I do hope the readers can fathom out what Sir Humphrey is relaying to people as "stupid" as I? I hope Emma and Barbara can work it all out.

Is there a new return of "Yes Minister" and are you preparing for the Appleby role? You should be a "shoo in"! Good luck with the auditions, mate.

An evocative, masterful exposition of the psychology and the psyche of being a female member of this society where, without recourse to privileges which insulate and enable a comforting blanket of security, one is ( if female) a life prisoner in a gaol with walls made of muttering and threat-filled looks and male admonishments.

I hope lots of people read this, Emma.

Thanks Emma for this glimpse into the problems of the current PNG mindset, with its haunting lies, that have to be exposed and denied. All I can add is "keep the good and throw out the bad."

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