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08 April 2012


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It took years to write the constitution - why should we allow self centred leaders to scrape it in a space of seconds?

Allow people power to remove these greedy leaders.

Civil society organisations, UPNG students, NGOs and the unions need to understand the issue in detail before proceeding with their planned protest tomorrow (Tuesday).

In detail meaning when they give in their petition one of the main points should call for the CJ to step down.

They need to present a balanced petition which is not biassed to the CJ. The CJ's behaviour was the main reason why this law was framed.

Whether or not the attack on him was a form of character assassination, we are now in a crisis and he is an integral part of the crisis.

A balanced petition will help neutralise the tension between the executive and the judiciary.

I assume the O'Namah government will be happy if there is pressure on the CJ to step down. This will cause them to rethink their decisions.

Otherwise, we have a war between both arms of government, the executive needs more time (six more months) to stamp its authority by getting rid of the CJ for good.

PNG is a nation of 800 different people groups. It will be history in the making if a gathering of this nature happens.

Also what effect will it have on the government?

Bear in mind that those in power have control over key resources and state agencies as shown in Syria and Egypt.

They can use these elements to their advantage by squashing the protest if things get out of hand.

I am not saying it will happen but who knows anything is possible in the "land of the unexpected".

The politicians think they can completely make a mockery of the people's trust and get away with it.

The electoral commissioner, the police and defence chiefs, and the PM himself have all said in the media time and time again that elections will proceed as scheduled. And yet we have a complete backflip.

The people are completely pissed off. They need satisfactory answers by Tuesday as anger is rising in the community.

Our politicians have been abusing us for too long. If it was in some other countries than there would be a lot of chaos and revolt.

Why are PNGns having a lot of patience and just watching while the country is going down and down. After all, it is us the people that suffer from the politicians' self interested decision making.

Let us for once gather together and show them the people power. We've beaten them (politicians) before in the Sandline crisis. We can beat them again.

Please, spread the word around. Everyone to meet at the stadium at 8am Tuesday.

Papua New Guineans cannot be fooled by so called leaders. They cannot dictate the democracy of this sovereign nation and its people.

We want to see the deferral of the elections withdrawn and the controversial judiciary conduct bill repealed.

NGOs, unions, students and people of PNG must oppose these two decisions. We must not stop until our cries are heard.

Appropriate to meet at the Stadium. A chance for transparency, rather than being indisGuise.

Barney, most of the people who write here can make weak puns. But do you have anything substantial to contribute? - KJ

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