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06 April 2012


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Thank you Phil. Both were referred to me by the late
[district commissioner] Laurie Doolan in the late 60's as essential reading.

Monsarrat also wrote "The Tribe that Lost its Head" William.

From the old great theif Somare and his cohorts. Perhaps they will turn out to be just small boys compared to the new super grand thief's outright dictatorship. Namah/Nape and puppet O'Neill.

Read Nicholas Monsarrat's 'Richer than all his Tribe' -
Irish papa blong taim bifo.

I'm starting to wonder if O'Neill is just a puppet of Namah and Nape. He is a respectable figurehead that these two rascals can hide behind.

O'Neill seemed genuine in his promise that the new Act would not be implemented straight away but would be reviewed for nine months.

But now Namah and Nape appear to have not listened to what O'Neill has said and have their own idea on the Act, which is bring it in straight away and silence these judges who are causing us trouble.

In which case the PNG Parliament is being manipulated by rascals for their own ends.

The election has been put off for a later date, and as Alex says, let's hope that this will give the honest candidates time to get their campaign well under way and expose the lies, the manipulation, and the corrupt practices that have been going on in parliament.

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