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03 April 2012


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What a lovely poem by Icarus.

I see nothing in the poem whatsoever that is political in nature or even contained something of a serious nature that may be deemed prejudicial to The National newspaper of PNG.

I am also very sad to be made aware now that a regular PNG Attitude writer, Icarus (and a good one at that), has also passed on; and I send my belated condolences to his family.

I want to thank The State of Icarus for sharing this lovely poem by our late comrade, Icarus, with the readers of PNG Attitude.

Reg, the passing of Icarus is only poetic; the temporal being continues in another form - KJ

Icarus, what a lovely poem.

We are in the same boat, the late Icarus. Last year I sent a poem to The Weekender, but that poem never got into print, maybe because of it political nature.

Since then, I stopped sending in.

The question is: Is PNG a democratic state allowing freedom of expression?

A Bougainvillean nationalist, is now been denied freedom in PNG.

Regina - a wise friend said self-censorship is the worst kind.
This poem is contemporary literature (criticism not slander) and PNG is supposed to be a democracy, so why not test it 'without fear or favor'?
At least we will know the truth of where people and leaders stand.

Very powerful poem! Thank you PNG Attitude for publishing it here.

Very true Tavurvur. I just met my Grade 12 English teacher, a Philipino man named Mr. Balaino, who is teaching in Port Moresby National high Schools. I was one if his best students so he was happy that I actually tried writing. Maybe I could give him the Poems for his class since he was also interested in my stories to teach his class. I am just scared that he might be intimidated or deported if certain people are aware of it....It sure is a powerful poem. Please advice.

I read this a few times. What a powerful poem.

I remember sitting through too many English classes in PNG examining and dissecting American 18th Century poetry, the English classics, etc etc...

But what about PNG poetry? Why couldn't we have spent weeks on PNG poetry and the like - scrutinising, debating and explaining these texts which hold within their words home truths waiting to be revealed and learned.

Imagine allocating this to a class of Grade 8s and asking them to provide an oral report the next day on what they think it means?

The discussion generated would be of tremendous value to our young people.

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