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17 March 2012


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Especially sick-making! That's gold Keith.

From a piece in today's Sydney Morning Herald:

"......Bob Carr wants to be the healer: "My role is to be an emollient to help settle people down, to help people think about the future, not the past."

An emollient is a medicine or agent "having the power of softening or relaxing living tissues, as a medicinal substance; soothing, especially to the skin", the Macquarie Dictionary tells us."

Let's hope the emollient becomes less astringent, and the rebuilder a little less like a demolisher ...

Read more:

After witnessing Bob Carr's "Belden-epic" blunder, I've realised that I need to know more about this man - particularly as he will be FM for at least the next 19 months.

Any other significant experiences to make note of from his time in NSW politics?

There's been much written about Carr - who was known as 'Teflon Bob' during his period as NSW premier because he had such good 'spin' none of the bad news would stick.

Governing NSW during an era of unprecedented boom, he left the State's infrastructure in a mess and his party's fortunes in even worse shape - so much so that Labor collapsed to a record defeat at the polls a year ago.

The following comment piece in a recent Financial Reveiw provides some further insights - KJ

Anyone who's lived in New South Wales will recognise that this is classic, self-serving Bob. Someone needs to tell the political class that grandiloquence and paternalistic grandstanding do not, actually, equate to good communication skills.

In a perverse way he has done citizens a favour. What he did was in essence shoot his mouth off before and without engaging brain, in the company of an old mate. Almost as if it was a private conversation.

Except it happened to be in an international spotlight. Not very clever.

To compound it with claims of being taken out of context is ludicrous. It is the context. A mea culpa would make more sense, but these people aren't like that.

So it seems to be case of on to the next Messianic political vision and distraction, hoping it'll all blow over. Exactly like NSW politics for decades...

At least concerns are in the open and in full view of the citizens of both our countries, who will no doubt wait and watch with great interest.

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