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24 March 2012


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I have a suggestion: if PNG can not manage itself, than it is better to hire retired presidents of other countries to run PNG as an MD on behalf of parliament. I don't think it's funny, something similar is probably happening already anyway.

I hope Dr Kwa and Mr Zilong of the PNG Law Society, and the giants now appointed to the PNGCLRC are mindful of the issues expressed.

Its happening again as the government is now trying to change legislation to suit the asylum deal between Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Nice comment by Brian Kaupa.

Oh it is much much worse - the MPs mostly are either uneducated or couldn't be bothered about the legislative process.

It's true that they vote for political favour. The whole democracy is a farce.

Of course one can still argue that at least the wheels are turning. The country is really what I would call a "gold rush".

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