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15 March 2012


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Phil - I agree with your sentiments. The hardest part is, as has been said previously, the lack of willing ears that run various government arms and industries to ensure that development is not just a tick the box need but true capacity building and education.

There is a need to teach students in schools, and the teachers that teach them, that near enough is not good enough for the people to accept.

Because a community doesn't demand the best due to a lack of government services for over 30 years, doesn't mean that a developer or business should strive to give "enough to pass the audit".

People who work to achieve mediocrity usually attain their goals to the detriment of those they leave in their wake.

Those that dedicate themselves to smaller more realistic outcomes that have tangible benefits whilst getting frustrated along the way also eventually reach their goals.

All too often we see the "big man" gain the monetary benefit whilst the people at ground level simply get some Panadol and a health check (to use an example) all in the name of "looking after the community".

It's widespread and until governments are forced to be accountable and the masses cease to believe in "ethnic voting" we will not see any desire to spend money on infrastructure and the people they represent we will continue to see the same problems they/ we have seen for the last 30 plus years.

That sense of disappointment and frustration becomes quite consuming eventually, doesnt it, Phil?

It's sad, but I, also, and an increasing number of others with a similar background and a lasting love for PNG and its people feel exactly the same.

We are forced to modify the old saying about "those who can, do...." to "those who can must abandon isolated blogging and physically stand up in the community and vocalise, abandoning the fear of reprisal in what is supposed to be a free and vital democracy."

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