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11 March 2012


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The uptake of digital social networking in PNG is truly amazing. It will only grow as more towers go up. I've been able to get mobile coverage sitting in a canoe in the Fly River.

The house where I usually stay in Moresby has an old cook well into his seventies. In between meals and the laundry he spends his time tweeting and sms-ing friends or watching the widescreen HD TV in his house.

Martyn, what's your take on the future viability of uptake of digital social networking among PNGeans?

Is it ultimately only as useful as there are users articulate enough to profit from it?

Should PNG be equally as concerned for the improvement of the lot of those current and future students who are denied access to basic literacy and numeracy skills?

Your statement on the need for cheaper data rates for instance; while true, and necessary also points to a very limited access by only those with the means to pay for it.
Kind regards... and how are the plans for your Aus' trip progressing?

I'm beginning to suspect that the way forward for PNG literature is digital rather than hardcopy.

Lowered data rates will be crucial.

There are such options called "BLOCK" and "UNFRIEND" on Facebook so one get keep the animals at bay.

Social networking is the way forward, not just in terms of keeping i touch with our friends but also keeping abreast with news, information, and global trends.

People also share links to sites that provide good information. Once again, if someone is posting garbage on twitter or facebook, they can be easily blocked so one does not have to be annoyed by them.

What the telco's need to do now is lower there data rates.

Werner, what an excellent article. You have captured both the upside and downside of social networking using the internet.

Another detracting factor about internet 'social networking' I have observed is it tends to promote a diminished ability for face to face communication. With the internet, you can filter out those you don't want to talk to or decide when you do. Verbal communication skills tend to be lost when you use your thumb or fingers to speak to others. Possibly, parts of the brain that need to grow in the young at their stage in life may well become stunted in favour of a digital dexterity that demands greater and greater amounts of resources to accomplish a social harmony that was natural and possible prior to the internet.

It's a bit like computer games. They say these teach reality skills but you can decide to pause, switch off or switch on the game. Life is not like that. Fantasy is.

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