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10 February 2012


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Come again? It starts at the top, the top being government ministers and their bureaucrats with their greedy stinking hands out, so if they are doing then everone thinks its OK to do it.

What has that got to do with the owners of these businesses when all turn a blind eye for payment. this country turns on graft and corruption and until the government stops then no one else will, why should they, they want to get rich too?

The disasters will continue, mark my words, because no one wants it to change. The system is too greedy.

And what's the point of blaming or having a crack at Gillard, what's it got to do with them. In fact a lot of what is stable in this country is because of the Aussies.

I think maybe the spear needs to be fully thrown at the greedy politicians first before any else. You want something here, just pay enough graft and it is yours.

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