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02 February 2012


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I’ve not read “Take Necessary Action”, but the granting of Independence in 1975 hardly did PNG any favours.

The prophecy/forecast in the novel as to whether PNG will descend into catastrophe and be taken over by the Chinese, as you, Sean, interpreted the novel’s message, are still, I would consider, open questions.

To be fair to Mr Bonga, his choice of words is perhaps unfortunate, but I can see what he’s getting at.

Should parliament usurp complete power to the exclusion of the judiciary, this is an abandonment of the separation of powers that most democrats would see as an essential framework in a democratic state.

Sean a good article as would be expected from you. I ask you to be a tad forgiving with the writers of "Take Necessary Action" for the comments about "Oli".

I have not read the book and have no opinion about the literary merit.

However during my 20 years on the staff of a Queensland university I lost count of the number of times an academic has commented it would be a great university if it were not for the students.

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