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14 February 2012


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Firstly, it is a tough task, but the Electoral Commission had 5 years between elections to get its act together.

These guys really need to go "bush" and encourage every village elder etc to keep that "village book". There are Churches etc that are in the bush from which the Electoral Commission can make some headway.

I cannot believe they can't get the names of people in Port Moresby (which is in front of their noses)!

It's a far cry from the old green Census books that were updated every year prior to 1975.

Is there no way those responsible can't be made to properly assemble the electoral rolls before the election? Who is the Minister responsible?

The Electoral Commissioner and staff must be held accountable by the appropriate Minister and if the work hasn't been done, dismiss those responsible and hire competent staff to do the job now. It's not rocket science, for crying out loud.

If the electoral rolls have to be correctly updated, now is the time to do so before there is a debacle of a contested election result.

“With just three months to go before the national general elections, TIPNG encourages the voting population of the country to be responsible citizens and go to their nearest electoral office to ensure that their names are registered on the electoral roll.”

I've just returned from a clutch of villages in the Owen Stanley Ranges in Oro. They are each two or three days hard walking away from anywhere.

They've got no idea they are required to enrol and even less idea about where their nearest electoral office is located. I presume it's at Popondetta.

They are just expecting a patrol to turn up sometime with a bunch of ballot boxes for them to vote.

I expect that the electoral officers will be amending rolls as they go and organising registrations on the hop.

It will make for a very interesting election when coupled with the political shenanigans already in progress.

There will be a lot of disgruntled electors I suspect and I wish all those dedicated electoral officers the best of luck for a very hard job to come.

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