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22 January 2012


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i wonder what the police minister was doing in that plane on that trip? No explanation from him as yet...

Of course there won't be any because he wouldn't be able to grow oil palm in the cool mountains of Obura Wonenara anyway,because its too cold!

Thanks for this post Keith. I was just wondering aloud a couple of days ago as to why the champion of good governance Sam Basil has kept so quiet about this issue.

Yep something very fishy is gong on here... Basil is just scratching the surface but make no mistake, the truth will surely see the light of day!

Well, so Sam has finally spoken out highlighting everything but....

I wonder how many other PNGeans out there will wake up and see this "wolf in sheep's clothing" for what he really is. Just another greedy politician.

Basil had a big mouth and even bigger loudhailer which he used to cry out on everything the even smelled rotten. Where has all that rhetoric gonel?

Sam Basil has come out strongly in support of this government has has made him a Minister. Yet in this one instance, he has gone strangely silent for so long I was wondering if he had gone overseas again?

I respectfully suggest Sam takes one step back and look at yourself, your past record and see if what you always stood for matches what you now stand for.

There's something really wrong. Three government ministers... about weeding out corruption.

Wow, Mr Basil, thank you for sharing with us your 'fact finding mission' (as some of your PNG colleague politicians would rather put it)experience on oil palm project management in Papua New Guinea.

I understand Nick Thompson and his crew at NBPOL are really dumb about how they run the place so you had to jet over to KL. So sorry about that. Perhaps we should consider deporting Nick Thompson too :)

Amazing really, that an oil palm project in West Sepik that is still in execution phase with negative NPV could hire a PNG government jet (what is the hire day rate again that you say Air Niugini is charging?) and fly three government ministers.

Perhaps you might also want to tell us how long the trip took. I would recommend president Taureka and his boys at Chevron to consider coming over to see you guys to get some schooling on how to emulate this best practice, given a bunch of oil palm boys in the Malay Peninsular have a lesson or two to teach about hiring a government jet while optimising office cost in capital project spending.

Are you and your 'investors' for your two oil palm projects also planning to hire the government jet? We could catch up for some pina colada and some some massage in the Maldives on your stopover home.

Totally agree KJ. Seems it gets "fishier" by the day. I wonder just what Australia knows about this?

But still no comments from Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, Opposition Shadow Minister Julie Bishop and Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Affairs Richard Marles! Someone must know something.

I don't think the Indonesians are concerned with the "bleatings"!
Very fishy indeed.

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