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26 January 2012


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Naiko - I am merely reading it as I see it. I may well be wrong. And I am aware that O'Neill was a key player in the previous Somare administration and still has unanswered questions to face over the NPF scandal.

So does Namah re. the Singapore bank accounts, illegal logging levies etc.

But O'Neill has been saying some right things since he has been in power - although I don't know if he has the means to deliver on free health care and education.

Maybe it's a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.

I saw PNG getting steadily worse under years of Somare's rule, andf massive evidence of blatant corruption which was not acted upon (Finance inquiry, Moti affair, etc)

But I am not optimistic about the future. Sori tru.

Peter Kranz - You seem to be very negative and degrading of the Somare side only, but don't forget the Oneil/Namah team has also done the same if not worse by tampering with the constitution and the judiciary, defying court orders etc...

No one is a saint here. They are all equally corrupt.

The Post-Courier says Sasa is in hiding. Other reports state he is with the renegrade few dozen soldiera at Taurama Barracks.

Whatever - he is a pawn. The real culprits are the Somare camp which instigated this.

Doesn't this amount to treason and an attempted coup?

When will this circus end?

One desperate old man vs a group of desperate men claiming themselves to be the legitimate government.

What are they all desperate about?

And how could a retired old Colonel still manage to command serving members of the army? Is it legitimate?

Dump, dumper, dumpest....

There are no saints in PNG politics only demons in various guises, the worst in guises of angles and benevolent dictators. I'd say bring in the Amazons to clear the stable of this rot.

All this has happened after the O’Neill – Namah faction organized a media conference on Monday together with the Police Commissioner, Kulunga and the Defence Force Commander Francis Agwi with their senior officers giving support to the O’Neill – Namah government.

Just yesterday, the court decision on who was to be the legitimate Police Commissioner between Kulunga & Yakasa was deferred by the judge to 6 Feb. In the meantime the judge specifically asked Kulunga to remain as the commissioner until a decision is made at the given date.

So the old man is testing the waters with the help of yet another old man!

Jerry Singirok gives an interesting interview (ABC News, 9:00) that you carry the transcript of.

He says "It looks like it's over. This was not the same as Sandline, as these were not foreigners. I never took over the government and accepted the laws of the time.

"But this is not yet over - it must be resolved on the floor of Parliament. You cannot use military force to subvert Parliament."

"Using the military by any side totally compromises our democracy.

"Imagine Duntroon or Sandhurst tryuing to take over Governments. It is a dangerous game.

"I respect O'Neill and Namah. They have been elected by Parliament. I have not taken any side, but for the sake of the country they must resolve this politically."

So O'Nelil says Col Sasa has been 'dealt with' - presumably that means he's under arrest. The few dozen Somare-faction soldiers have retreated to TauramaBbarracks where they are under siege.

The acting Foreign Minister tonight on the 7.30 Report effectively summed up the lack of local knowledge the Australian government has about PNG.

He referred to PNG's PM as 'Michael O'Neill'.

Perhaps he's having a bet each way?

Hey KJ - I'm a little bit Irish. My great-great-great grandfather married a Mary Kelly from King's County.

I actually did some research on this for a relative who was writing the family history. In the Dublin registry I found an entry from a local church priest of the right date and location (circa 1850).

He had written 'Mary Kelly - married a Protestant heretic and gave birth to a bastard child."

About sums me up I suppose.

Interestingly we've heard nothing from Kevin Rudd about this yet.

Maybe he's too busy in Davos hobnobbing with billionaires?

He's on leave. Martin (Michael O'Neill) Ferguson is acting in his stead - KJ

Interesting to note here about the photos of Sasa and Agwi.

Apparently Agwi has reverted (demoted) to wearing a 'Colonels' rank whilst Sasa has been elevated to 'Brigadier General'.

I wonder whether Sasa simply swapped rank insignias with Agwi (or borrowed) just for the press conference and photo shoot.

I don't think Sasa was ever a Brig Gen until he promoted himself today - KJ

Martin Ferguson (Australian Federal Minister for Resources, Energy and Tourism) has just reported that all domestic flights in PNG have been grounded [ABC News].

Unfortunately Ferguson spoiled his copybook by repeatedly referring to 'Michael O'Neill' in his press conference. A Freudian slip?

Bloofy Irish! - KJ

Culture Collision. In a parody of Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘HMS Pinafore’, the following words seem rather appropriate:

Captain: I’ll never be untrue to thee.

Crew: What never?

Captain: No! Never!

Crew: What NEVER?

Captain: Well, hardly ever.

You can’t have equivocation without misinterpretation.

Melanesian culture may not always encapsulate explicit definitives. Given the history of the PNG Defence Force and the mutinies or near mutinies of the past, the issues involving the current mutiny demands a clear and unequivocal response.

The loyal members of the Defence Force, the RPNGC, the PNG Public Service must be given a high, ethical standard to follow.

If Michael Somare has, as is reported by his daughter, actively initiated this current mutiny in order to try to regain his personal power, surely that is sedition, irrespective of any previous legality he may have claimed to aspire to continue as PM?

Statements of intent by the PNG Deputy PM are worthless unless followed up with decisive action. The PNG people and the nation deserve nothing less. The title of Grand Chief has effectively been dragged through the Moresby mud.

Somare, how I loathe the name more ever! What have you done to the nation? You are a hungry old fool!

Get it into your skull that we the people of this beautiful nation called Papua New Guinea does not need you!

The international press has been having a field day presenting this as a coup or a major rebellion.

In truth it appears to be a few dozen soldiers led by a military has-been prodded into rash action by an increasingly desperate Somare faction.

When the dust clears, maybe people could reflect on the damage this has done to PNG's reputation.

What was the point of it all? Except to satisfy one old man's ego.

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