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26 January 2012


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I wonder why a retired soldier appointed by so called father of the nation can take such an action. This is irresponsible driven by self or minority gain motives,

This action is not honoured by majority of simple Papua New Guineans. Why can't Sir Somare and his team, as a respected and responsible leader humble himself and discuss resolve the matter in Parliament, possibly next session or wait till next election, a few months away, to prove his leadership.

Most simple Papua New Guineans, like me, are overfilled with these political fights and just watching the leaders fight for political power.

So long as we have our land to grow and harvest food. I tell you as someone in the rural Part of Papua New Guinea is we don't want to hear of this issue as government has miserably failed to develop or improve vital infrastructure in remote areas.

Most rural PNGns are now tired and watching the power play. Where is PNG heading with priority on political leadership fighting and least done to develop and provide vital goods and services to the majority of the ordinary citizens.

Julie Bishop in an interview on ABC News just now confirms that things are quiet on the streets of Moresby, this action may just be a small group of rogue soldiers, there has been no violence, and she trusts that the PNG people and institutions can resolve this peacefully through Parliament or if necessary the courts.

She also rightly points out that there is an unfolding tragedy in the Southern Highlands (the massive landslide) which is much greater humanitarian concern and our attention on this should not be diverted.

She appeared well-briefed and gave a considered and insightful interview.

Just as I predicted way back around Copenhagen time.

1. Copenhagen: Question. Why the delegation of 40 (I believe that was the number) from such a small country and the leader was Somare for that climate change meeting?

2. Mugabe: Question. Why did Somare have so many meetings with this "despot"? The once "bread basket of Africa" and now the "mess pot" with probably billions in Swiss bank accounts - owner of these accounts Mugabe! Maybe Somare required advice?

3. Somare's health? Question. Why doesn't he trust Australian doctors
in Cairns or Brisbane or the hospitals in PNG? Why does he go
constantly to Kuala Lumper? Golf resorts and hospitals don't seem to
me to be quite the same?

4."Falcongate" - the jet now owned with the Air Nuigini insignia on the tail. What would "Air Nuigini" really want this jet for? It is still
really the property of the government. Hardly to transport passengers
from POM to LAE! Unless they can afford to travel Premium First
Class with caviar etc.

5. Why was this recent flight made to Kuala Lumper and the "strange
passenger" list? No real answers on why so far.

6. The Commodore in Fiji must be delighted with results? However, I
don't think he has Swiss bank accounts. The Fiji situation, I think,
is totally different to this mess up at present in PNG.

7. Australia can't and won't intervene - we would be considered either
racist or ex-colonial masters. The Indonesians, I am sure, are watching
carefully these developments with wry smiles. They won't do anything.
The USA must be scratching their heads - they are good at that! The
P.R. of China must be ecstatic.

8. It is in total a mess now. Slowly this has been brewing under the noses of the people in PNG but they have sat still. Now they are copping reality. Terrible.

9. This is interesting also - isn't Sam Basil from the Morobe Province?
"Col Yaura Sasa is from Morobe Patrol Post in the Huon Gulf area and
is an elder brother of Hon Zibe Sasa, PNG’s Health Minister"? Is
the Hon. Zibi Sasa, the Minister of Health in the O'Neill government
or the so-called Somare government.

The mind boogles at the antics!

0955 "We in PNG don't want Somare and the Chinese back in power," tweets award-winning blogger Martyn Namorong ....

Martyn that is a very huge statement to make. It implies that the Chinese are behind Somare or to be exact funding him in his quest to regain power so they can continue to engage in the patron-client relationship they already have.

People can draw different conclusions from your statement, it is quite provoking.

I caution you to thinking before you write because the keyboard is powerful then the sword. Don't let your new found status cloud your judgement.

I am interested in seeing what vital information you have that ties both parties together, or what evidence do you have to substantiate you statement.

I will be teaching a course on Asian influence in the Pacific so your information can help your fellow Papua New Guinean compatriots.

Sasa gave a news conference at around 1:00. He claims he is just trying to enforce the Consitution and decision of the Supreme Court and was appointed by Somare yesterday to take control of the PNGDF.

Some astute journos asked what he would do if Parliament met and merely confirmed O'Neil as PM (as they already have done).

He refused to be drawn, other than saying if it wasn't sorted out he would take 'necessary actions.'

Later Namah gave a press conference and stated that some of the soldiers involved in the action have been arrested (by the police presumably). He has given Sasa till 4:00 to step down. Meanwhile he has ordered the suspension of Air Niugini flights to Lae, Wewak, Vanimo and Kiunga.... all close to Army bases likely to be sympathetic to the Somare faction. This was against the background of reports that some Army units were mobilising and travelling to Port Moresby.

A tambu in Moresby in an email to me states "the O’Neil side condemns the action saying that it’s an act out of desperation by the Somare faction.

Nothing has eventuated around the Waigani government offices areas towards the parliament as yet..there are now heavy policy presence around the various MPs houses and offices. The streets are quiet and businesses are normal as usual around Waigani. I think the commotion is around Konedobu and around the Murray barracks towards 3mile and 2mile…

The general elections for PNG is just months away and I don’t know when this political impasse will ever stop and the MPs prepare for the election.

What a Land of Unexpected…"

It is interesting to see that this rebel soldier, Col Yaura Sasa, is from Morobe. So the Sepiks can't be blamed for it!

But I feel he may have taken this rebel action after the massive landslide in the Southern Highlands, when he would have known the prime minister was preoccupied.

This is the time when the PNG Defence Force should be out there helping to provide aid to these villagers who have lost their homes and loved ones. The Southern Highlands people need our prayers and support at this time.

Shame on you, Yaura Sasa!

I claim no current knowledge of the PNG military. Traditionally military discipline is firmly founded on military law. How can you expect soldiers to respect military law when the politicians appear to have no respect for the law of the country (Constitution).

Respect for leadership in the military is earned by commanders, at all levels, by caring for the needs of their soldiers. From earlier reports in PNG Attitude it would appear that civilians have abused their responsibility and denied the military commander the ability to pay his soldiers.

Do not be surprised by any subsequent actions by the soldiers.

Being a Papua New Guinean, I feel that our military will not go through that extreme; we are resilent people, we have come through 35years of political neglect and yet we remained quiet (groaned quietly) and went about living our lives.

Yeah, we may have yelled,screamed and jumped up and down, but we never really gave the governments in the past much to be concerned about.

I hope this is just few soldiers upset over their state of affairs in their barracks and their wages and conditions. We PNGns are not Fijians and I hope it remains that way.God the living God, may His will be done, now and as always for the people of PNG. We are praying.

This is the outcome of the political coup on 2 August 2011. Then the defiance of the Supreme Court decision on 12 December 2011. And the failure by the Governor General to dissolve the government when the constitution was breached.

Papua New Guineans must understand and realise that the O'Neill/Namah faction is changing laws and amending constitution to suit themselves.

Free education, fight corruption and free health services slogans - propaganda to confuse the 85%functionally illiterate population.

Papua New Guineans must be careful - a dictator in the making!

So ZA can you give us the facts. Some of us are keen to know what exactly is happening and the reason behind everything.

ABC reports that O'Neill has spoken to Sean Dorney and has said that 'the authorities are taking steps to manage the situation.'

Also Australian High Commission officials have spoken to Brigadier Agwi and have urged the PNGDF to reolve the matter peacefully.

PNG will never see an end of trouble, now everything is changing on the street. People have had enough and are taking it as a joke, but beware, the tide is changing against divided minority & united majority.

Congrats Keith and Attitude. Best coverage available on this. Post Courier and The National websites don't have a thing. Australian mainstream media way behind. Good onya. Keep it up and hope we keep hearing from Martyn and others.

Desperado Somare again... People will fight you with your military men on the streets of Port Moresby and PNG with fists...

We will rise up and stand for what is suppposed to be ours and not for the Somare family alone.

PNG is bigger than the Somare family and his kitchen cabinet.

Desperado Somares (Micheal and Arthur), stop abusing and misusing the military. Leave our country alone and get lost.

...It's not a coup! - Zero Alpha

Yes, mutiny might be a better description. Sneaking around in the middle of the night with guns isn't very Constitutional. It doesn't have a lot to do with democracy either.

This is all rumour and hearsay so far. Clearly something is going on however all commentators please provide a basis for your comments.

People in PNG and overseas read this blog and others and may take rumour and gossip as news. Please report responsibly.

SBS is reporting this may be a pay dispute while others are claiming this is a pro Somare coup operation.

There are stirrers out there who jump to conclusions too quickly. Please stick to facts and provide sources to back up claims.

ABC reporting that a military mutiny has occurred with Colonel Safa declaring himself the new commander. ABC does not make a link to the political situation as yet.

Mangiwantok (Martyn Namorong) tweets - "An eye witness reports seeing soldiers clash at Murray Barracks.. Situation is tense but calm at the moment."

No further comments! It's these type of comments that spoil our country's image.

I guess the only question worth asking, AZ is whether you know anything concrete about an attempted military coup or whether you are merely expressing an opinion? - KJ

From Twitter (can't vouch for the accuracy) -

Weapons have been released.

O'Neill / Namah cabinet and [police commissioner] Kulunga to be arrested.

Soldiers are being organised to enforce the orders of the Supreme Court.

We are now under military edict. Anyone resisting arrest will be shot. Orders have been issued to that effect.

Get your facts right reporter. Are you a journalist or a medical health worker? Stick to one job, eh! It's not a coup!

More information if you have it, ZA - KJ

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