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09 December 2011


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The Defence Board of Inquiry never conclusively pinpointed the Grand Chief as having issued the 'orders' for the mission to be executed or specifically directed the use of the PNG Defence Force aircraft, hence the recommendation for a further investigation into the Chief's involvement and if confirmed then he be charged accordingly.

Having sat in the public gallery on the day the late Mr J Hassaigo was cross-examined, I cannot recall him admitting that he received his orders directly from the Grand Chief but rather from the PM's Chief of Staff.

So the continued insinuation that all military personnel who executed the mission received their orders 'from the top' is misconstrued and further conjured an important question. Who is that person/s or entity referred to as 'from the top'?

Ask most members of the PNG Defence Force and they will simply tell you that the whole thing was a set up by the Australian government and Australian Federal Police to destroy both Moti and the Grand Chief, because Australia views Somare's continued reign as not in their national interest.

Members of the PNG Defence Force, including former Commander Peter Ilau, know a lot more than what the general public is led to believe.

Questions like; why the Commander allowed his Chief of Staff to head the operation whilst he was still in the country and, why he (the Commander) panicked and diverted to Australia from Solomon Islands when the mission was uncovered by Australian police in the Solomons, are questions that Peter Ilau need to answer.

I wouldn't put too much of my money on the Board of Inquiry report because it is shallow, inconclusive and flawed in certain aspects.

I maintain that the Grand Chief should allow an investigation into his perceived involvement in order to prove his innocence once and for all, not only to shame but expose Australia’s covert operations in undermining PNG’s sovereignty, just as Moti did.

Not only that Peter, the report also recommends Somare et al be investigated and charged (page 84).

The following 117-paged PDF presents the findings of the Papua New Guinea Defence Board of Inquiry into the escape of Julian Moti in late 2006.

Moti was arrested in Papua New Guinea at the request of the Australian Government for alleged child sexual abuse in Vanuatu, and managed to escape clandestinely before being extradited to Australia from the Solomons.

The escape, that happened aboard a PNG Defence Force airplane, was subsequently investigated by the Defence Board of Inquiry from December 13 2006 to March 16 2007, and the results captured in this report.

According to the report, the only person that could have ordered the escape via the Defence Force plane was Michael Somare.

The report is illegal to view in Papua New Guinea.,_2007

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