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11 December 2011


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I think the Post Courier has suffered a downturn in sales because of the extra 20t in its cover price as compared to the National.

People would like to buy a newspaper and its so much more convenient to pay a K1.00 coin instead of looking for another 20t.

On the news front there's no difference in the content except for the deafening silence on logging by the National newspaper.

Malum Nalu, the former journalist, now paid public relations apologist for Rimbunan Hijau, really can see beyond the end of this nose.

Last month Nalu faced a storm of criticism after Rimbunan Hijau flew him to Pomio to write articles defending its illegal logging operation in the face of a storm of criticism from local people. RH, which owns the Daily Log [aka The National] also flew police officers into the area to attack local people.

In evidence to the SABL Commission of Inquiry it was revealed the names of children as young as four appear on the logging agreements RH say authorise its operations (but Nalu writes about none of this - only how great his employer is and how unfair the criticism).

Now we have this latest outburst from Nalu on the social media site Facebook:

--- “The National has grown strongly over the years and are now selling a whole lot more than the Post Courier. It should not surprise any of us that Post-Courier, dried up of ideas, has been trying to discredit us. Let them blow their trumpets about “scoops”, so-called “journalist of the year” and etc.

"The PNG Media Awards no longer hold any credibility except for those who have their own agenda. The Media Council has also lost sight of its objectives and is more preoccupied with “bonding nights”. Like about an hour ago” •

The Post Courier trying to discredit The National? Come on Nalu, you do that yourself with your biased reporting and confusion about what is journalism and what is simply the promotion of RH's business interests!

And how can you honestly criticize the media council for having its own agenda when you and The National can't write a word of criticism about the logging industry, its illegal operations and its environmental and human rights abuses; continually back the Chinese owned Ramu nickel mine in the face of local and international condemnation; and attack the O'Neill/Namah government for revealing the abuses of the previous Somare regime which was in the pockets on RH and the Chinese....

"The great unwashed"... Do we need to supply more soap?

Despite all the criticisms of The National it seems to be the newspaper that people on the street are reading. Go anywhere in Port Moresby in the morning and you're more likely to see The National tucked under someone's arm than the Post Courier.

On Friday when the court case over O'Neill versus Somare was due to be delivered everything was ominously normal. I didn't notice any extra police presence except at the Haus Tambaran where a curious crowd had gathered.

The reason I think is that your average Joe and Mary on the street didn't really care what the pollies were up to.

This might explain the popularity of The National. It invariably contains lots more fodder for the great unwashed than the Post Courier.

Its entertainment section and reporting of the doings of the celebrity set far surpasses its opposition. It has also taken the lead reporting cultural and educational issues.

The Post Courier is a better and braver newspaper, even if it is a Murdoch tabloid, but it really needs to lift its game if it is going to compete.

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