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29 December 2011


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The deportation of Osborne is very suspicious and sinister.... can somebody in the Oneil/Namah government give some explanation.

Was it for treason, spying, funding the Somare camp?

They've have changed the constitution as they pleased and made laws to change the past, so all expats should be very nervous, I guess. Anything can happen.

The deportation of Graham Osborne is indeed disturbing and suspicious. He lived in PNG for many years and was a respected and mild-mannered person at the Ela Beach Hotel.

I suspect there is more to this than has been reported - if not the O'Neill camp loses a lot of credibility.

Are they getting vindictive?

The Post Courier has a good editorial on this issue today.

Barbara, it's interesting how describe the law as an ass, but it can be if you are acting outside of it...

Why not stay within the laws and you don't have to be constantly on the run otherwise it becomes a pain in the ass!

We have seen only the head of Peter O'Neill and his body and legs are still hidden.

People will regret having supported the O 'Neill group.

Paul Osbourne has been deported and, come next year, there will be terrible and unthinkable things pushed on by this O'Neill government.

Gerald is referring to yesterday's deportation from PNG of Michael Somare-associate and Port Moresby restaurant owner Graham Osborne as a result of alleged "business compliance issues" - KJ

Why not let the Grand Chief retire with dignity and appoint him Governor General?

That would be interesting!

Sori, I don't know this Sir Arnold Amet. I just wonder why he is pushing so hard for an old sick man to be made the parliamentary leader of PNG when a younger healthy man has taken over the role and seems to be doing a good job.

Surely there are now other roles in PNG more suitable for Somare! Let common sense prevail. As far as I am concerned, 'the law' is an ass at times!

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