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20 November 2011


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Colin - Yes the elites have taken the cream and buggered off to their posh properties in Singapore, or Cairns, or Brisbane.

Check the Qld property registers for the surname 'Somare'.

There is no excuse for this.

But the poor bloody locals continue to suffer. And I believe we have obligations to do our best to help them - irrespective of damn Fed/State dust-ups and corrupt PNG politicians.

Really Peter? I would have thought that since Independence that the amount of money given to the government of PNG by Australia, that the PNG Ministers of the Department of Health over the ensuing years would have used this more than generous annual "gift" to develop better hospitals for the people.

Now pray tell why do the PNG "pollies" and families and the "elite" fly off to places like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Cairns (possibly and more probably) at taxpayers' expense for their medical operations and check ups etc etc. Why not go to Daru Hospital?

Australia and Qld have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Yes, and I am for the record a "proud Australian".

I have received a somewhat belated but more detailed reply from the office of the Qld Minister for Health re. the closue of TB clinics in the Torres Strait.

It doesn't add much to what we already know, but it does point to a significant policy dispute between the Federal and Qld departments. Here's the interesting bit -

"The Commonwealth Government has provided funding to Queensland Health in recognition of the health services delivered to PNG nationals since 1998. However, this funding has not kept pace with the increasing costs of treatment and the cost of delivering services to PNG nationals is now significantly higher than the Commonwealth Government's contribution.

"Following discussion with the Commonwealth Government to address this funding shortfall, the Commonwealth has DIRECTED (my emphasis) Queensland to reduce the level of services provided to PNG nationals to a level consistemnt with the Commonwealth funding allocation. That direction followed Commonwealth Government advice of its plan to transition these services so they can be provided by the PNG Government..."

Buck passing par excellence!

Makes you proud to be Australian (/sarc/)

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