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09 November 2011


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Hi Martyn - There seems to be a collective memory loss about the input of Lady Kidu and her advisors in the establishment of the street vendors.

The Informal Sector Act is her Act and I can date the influx of troublemakers into urban centres from the passing of this Act.

They are not covered by health or council regulations and they pay no fees to any authority. It is a bad Act and should be repealed. Some reasons are below.

Roadside vending has become endemic in most urban areas in PNG.

Many or most of these vendors are not self employed. They do not use their own money. They are firmly connected to mainly Asian traders and are cheap labour.

No holidays, no sick pay, no long service and nobody knows if they are making a basic wage.

I believe that the street vendor regulations are a gift to the mainly Asian shopkeepers. I respectfully suggest that any street vendor who is tied by credit to a supplier should be considered by law to be an employee and receive the basic wage and conditions.

The supplier should have a vendors' licence for each person. Where are the unions, or is this too hard?

I believe that the intention of Lady Kidu was to protect the non formal activities of poor people selling buai, smokes, roadside markets etc.

I also believe that Lady Kidu is the right person to bring amendments to allow the Act protect only the small people and to exclude tradestore items from the protection of her Act.

This correspondence could be seen as pissing against the wind or farting against thunder.

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