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22 October 2011


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Phil - The Red Hand Fable relates to Lough Neigh, when the hand was said to be cut off to be the first ashore.

I cant remember which battle it was supposed to be.

Archeologists claim clear evidence of organised farming in Ireland, 6-7000 years ago.

Day ye nay ken,
Donegal is in the Provence of Ulster.
Erin Go Bragh.

Greetings from an O'Neill in Canada!

Cratloe Castle (County Clare) is where we came from, a few generations back...and some of us have popped back for a visit :-)

Paulius - the gentle giant.

He's a huge man. About five times my size (and I'm around 5 foot eleven, Pommy measurements). He played for the Simbu Warriors.

I first met Paulius at Kundiawa. I saw them practicing at the oval and took some pictures.

He said, "Why yu take picture bilong mi?":

I said, "Wailo pangarawa wa. Maski yu tambu bilong mi"

He took my head in his arm and said, "Wagai wei angra!:"

Later I met him in Mosbi, and had a good night out. He protected me from various hazards (including the pamuk meris at the 49 Club), and learned he was a wantok.

His cousin is a cousin of Rose. So we are wantoks! Or even tambus!

Then another nine months later I was at the Melanesian Hotel in Lae. This big bloody huge man walked through the doors and grabbed me with all his might - put his arms around me and cried. "Peter! Tambu bilong mi!"

It was Paulius.

Bless him.

Donegal is the most northerly county of the Republic of Ireland. It is not part of Northern Ireland, and part of the UK.

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