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14 October 2011


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Yes, Peter and Keith, things all cleared.

I am really feeling sorry for a fellow senior student of our West New Britain student group who had not slept weeping and, now that things are confirmed, I just don't know how she will endure.

Lord have mercy on her crying heart.

Leonard - I am afraid it was a flight from Lae to Madang.

From the latest ABC report -

"The Airlines PNG Dash 8 was flying from Lae to Madang on the country's north coast when it crashed at about 6:00pm with 32 people on board. Only four are believed to have survived.

"It is believed most of the passengers were parents travelling to Madang for their children's graduation ceremony at the Divine Word University.

"Local reports say the survivors were taken to a clinic in a village close to the crash site last night."

My heart goes out to all those affected. A sad, sad day for Divine Word and Madang, as well as all of PNG.

Sort this out: a flight to Lae or a flight coming into Madang?

There are final year students at Divine Word University that are said to be moaning all night for their parents in that flight.

Sort out, please.

The flight was from Lae. Apologies for the earlier confusion - KJ

I believe the flight was from Lae, on approach to Madang.

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