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11 October 2011


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Renagi's words, 'writing and reading is good for the soul' is a reality to me, personally.

But, I badly lack awareness of my audience's liking and interest and the structuring of a whole plot inregard to the climax of my story.

But comments and Phil and Keith's words are becoming the lamp to my path.

Writing (and reading too) is very good for the soul.

So keep writing and enjoy life as it comes - one day at a time.

Being my own boss is what I am doing right now! I enjoy it to the full. It has its headaches and heartaches but that is where my life gets its richness from.

Writing as a life is definitely enriching, not so much in terms of monetary or wealth per se but in the world that you share with others.

I am working on being a self-employed business person and hope to write about it often. In this case I create my own life and livelihood as a business person and hopefully as a writer (the latter in due course).

Both styles are based on the principle of creating your own job and livelihood.

Keith, you just stated it all.

I, for one, spend all my life in Bougainville as a child in the 1980s, then through the crisis and still today.

My first visit to WNBP's Bali is only this year's semester break. Thus, my love of writing took me in a Bougainvillean environment and not a West New Britain one.

In any career I think of that I am free to do as I wish is writing. There is no boss to dictate orders here and there. After all I hate being ruled.

Just write till you die.

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