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31 October 2011


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Clearly, this story is a beat up (notice the 'senior source' is unidentifiable). It's an attempt to justify the revival of the ECP.

Fearmongering is a tried and true tactic of governments (and the Australian government is expert).

Make the public afraid, then solve their fear with what you wanted to do in the first place - they'll love you for it and never notice the ulterior motives until it's too late.

Wake up PNG - make a noise. Don't sanction this ill-conceived policing arrangement

What a load of bull. Who dreamed up this sensational "story"? Is the idea to sell newspapers in Australia?

Yes guns are a major concern as is their escalating use by criminal elements. But to turn them on law abiding expats during an election .... "fiction".

And I have lived and worked here since 1984 including ten years in Highlands and Enga provinces

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