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16 September 2011


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I am currently doing research on Lapieh Landu's poetry, which I already have. However, I need some background information on the poet.

Any idea on how I can get in touch with her? Thank you.

We have put Aravapo in touch with Lapieh - KJ

Hi folks, it was great meeting y'all!

Bernard Sinai, seeing you're an IT man and FYI, Mari Ellingson mentioned something about a Facebook page for PNG writers. Perhaps you could set one up and add us to the group?

The pen is mightier than the sword.

We are all winners! God is good! If we can't change the world or save our culture through government policies or violent means...let's keep writing....let's maintain our culture trhough the power of written word.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support.
God bless this cultually diverse nation.

Good afternoon, Keith, and congratulations on your successful launching of the Crocodile Prize.

I wasn't able to make it as I was celebrating independance in remote Nuku, West Sepik Province. But I was really happy for my mate Jimmy who was the winner of the poetry section.

Great job, now we can look forward the 2012 competition.

Congratulations winners! We can do it. I believe we have hidden potential to do greater exploits. Keep moving on.

Thank you all for your sweet words.

My gratitude to Keith Jackson, Phil Fitzpatrick and Patrick Levo for the initial fire to burst the pods of raw talent in this literary savannah.

I believe we'll see a new crop of vegetation tomorrow; so PNG let the skies open and pour out your hearts for the next generation to treasure.

Jimmy, congratulations. Keep on painting those words... No mountains will be too high for you, for your heart is THIS BIG! You will conquer them all.

Congratulations winning quartet and all!

Thank you Keith Jackson and Phil Fitzpatrick for your enduring friendship with PNG and for delivering these priceless gifts to us, PNG writers, and our people: The Crocodile Prize and 2011 Anthology. We have been blessed.

Until next year writers keep that ink flowing.

Bravo Zulu to both Keith Jackson and Phil Fitzpatrick on their recently conducted PNG writers workshop at the Australian High Commission, Port Moresby last Thursday (36th Independence Anniversary celebrations week).

It was a well executed day with no real technical snags. Great company and discussions.

Congratulations to the four winning finalists who got the judges' vote: Martyn, Lapieh, Jimmy and Jeffrey.

I also want to congratulate those budding young writers who got their works published in the first writer's book: the 2011 anthology.

Such great writing skills and talent we have in the country - will only grow each year.

The quality and the standard of writing will improve much over time.

Roll on 2012...looking forward to the next workshop and finally meeting those with the pen names on PNG Attitude.

Congratulations once again Martyn, Lapieh, Jimmy and Jeffrey. Very well done!

Congratulations to the winners and everyone involved.

The inaugural workshop and ceremony ended an exciting chapter in The Crocodile Prize this year. I hope next year’s prize is bigger and better and I am sure we can expect more from our writers.

My apologies to the dynamic duo (Keith and Phil) for a no show on the day, I hope to make it next year.

Once again heart congratulations to all the winners and keep writing.

Congratulations to winners. Great appreciation to the organising committee

Thanks all! Everyone who submitted their work for the Crocodile Prize contest won.

We did actually tell Papua New Guineans and others who care about this country that there are people in PNG who care about our national literature.

A big thank you to Keith, Phil and Big Pat! Without you, it would not have been possible.

I extend my sincere thanks to the Australian High Commissioner to PNG, His Excellency Ian Kemish, and staff for a job well done. Also, Mary Ellingson's efforts are greatly appreciated.

Barbara Short: I made up the song. They do sing songs while walking, though.

Jeffrey won the Crocodile Short Story Award - KJ

Congrats Lapieh. This is fantastic. Wow, you did it.

Congratulations to all participants and winners. And big appreciation to the organisers of the prize to recognise literary talents in Papua New Guinea.

Nice pieces fellas. Fine pieces of PNG art you just created for your people; in and around you, and you now just bag it all. Congratulations!

Looking up to you for I am too inferior to your standards.

Congratulations to the winners, to the organisers and those who believe that the pen is mightier than the cheque book it signs.

Keith and Phil, an incredible idea well executed. Congratulations to all.

Congratulations to the the winners! It is edifying to note that they are all young writers.

Literature in, of and by Papua New Guinea will grow more in these minds and hands in many years to come.

Hi Keith - Many thanks for facilitating a great historic day when PNG writers can once again bring out their collective 'voice' from the woodwork so we can enjoy their reality as we seek to recognise our own realities.

Four worthy winners but, like someone said at the award ceremony, every one of the writers is a winner. Part of that victory was facilitated by your good self and Phil.

I was most honoured and privileged to have been a part of that historic day. I look forward to next year's meet. Have a pleasant journey home.

Tenkyu tru.

Mari herself played a very prominent role in yesterday's proceedings. I'm pleased to say that, as we prepare for the 2012 Crocodile Prize, we will be working even more clsoely with the PNG Office of Tourism, Culture & Arts, of which Mari is Director-General - KJ

Congratulations to all the prize winners and many thanks for all the work done by Keith and Phil and their helpers.

I hope Lapieh gets to read the work of Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker, 1920-93) one of our great Australian aboriginal writers. "This new Way" reminds me of Kath's poem "No more boomerang".

Kath wrote many other great poems and I own one book of her poems published by Jacaranda Press in 1965 called "We are Going".

I was wondering if the "Song for Camels" has a tune, i.e., Did Jeffrey just make it all up or do they actually sing this song as they carry the coffee bags?

In the past work songs were an important part of music heritage throughout the world.

I taught a Murik Lakes fishing song to my music students at Brandi and they were thrilled when they went to Murik Lakes and heard the people sing it while they fished!

To all of you - keep writing, keep creating!

A veil has been lifted on PNG's soul. May it never be replaced.

Congratulations to everyone who participated. Everyone owes Keith and Phil and all the sponsors a huge thank you for making it all possible.

Readers should know that Paul himself is respected in PNG as a major commentator on public affairs. His words are well represented in the Independence Day supplements in the national press here - KJ

Hearty congratulations to the four worthy winners.

It is a real blessing to see your achievements and recognition.

Thanks to Keith and Phil for the organisation and attendance.

Congratulations, Lapieh & Jeff.

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