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27 September 2011


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I can't recall if Martyn continued this piece of work. This is avery well thought out essay and should move on to how to address the agenda.

Was there a follow up piece?

I still wonder regarding his excommunication from the Catholic Church and what has happened to all of this... Wish there was a solution.

Does nothing change? How can anyone in power not see the inevitable consequences of not giving a damn about anything but a dollar.

Good to see that there are people who speak up. Sad to see that many "leaders" are not leading in the direction of the broad interests of their constituents, appearing to be unmoved by their own rhetoric, to act in the interests of the majority.

The evidence, of where this vain and self-destuctive behaviour leads, is continually on display in various parts of the world.

Of course a degree of self interest exists in us all; it is the mark of leadership when this includes absolute consideration of the very needs, wellbeing and lives of others.

I was the second pioneer of Jubilee Catholic Secondary School when that organisation took its form. I was also inspired by him as our chaplain.

Father John Glenn is a great man.

In a society where corruption is almost becoming a norm,
he seeks to open the eyes of the next generation, giving them courage and a voice to speak out against it...

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