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07 September 2011


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There is a legitimate role for government executive aircraft, with several important provisos. As they are publicly funded, some details of the aircraft usage and purpose of flights should be made public so the taxpayers are aware where their money is going.

Also full details of procurement and disposal. These should be normal general principles to keep faith with the public. Same should apply anywhere, including Australia.

By the way, nice plane. I remember when Kumul 1 was a Beech Super King Air - still used by the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Oz and capable of getting in and out of relatively short strips - does the Government Flying Unit still also use smaller aircraft to get around the provinces?

One final point - large expensive aircraft aren't always easy to dispose of in the international market without sometimes taking a financial hit, so maybe this may be a factor in holding on to it. Also financing can be complex.

Tobin spent many years in the PNG aviation industry - KJ

Steve Gallagher Darong and Phil Fitzpatrick you'd be happy to know that the government of Hon Prime Minister Peter O'Neill had indeed sold off the Falcon Jet.

He kept his word to the people of PNG.

And your poorly worded postulations, well, they just down in shame!

Yes, the business jet was sold (or should that be "sold") to Air Niugini. Perhaps the well-informed Mr Wama could enlighten us as to (1) its price, (2) where the money went, and (3) its current usage - KJ

The opposition was against the Somare government for the use of the Falcon jet, now they are using it.

Con PNG politicians, stupid, greedy assholes.

Such is life.

Does anyone know anything about Peter O'Neill's father? Jim Sinclair credits him with opening Pangia Patrol Post in 1961. Who was his mother?

The southern papers have pointedly referred to him as an "Irish-Australian magistrate". The Irish reference is a bit mystifying - perhaps they are covering themselves in case Peter doesn't come up to scratch.

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