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01 May 2011


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Thank you for posting this story! My family and I depart the US for PNG in 10 days. We are with Wycliffe Bible Translators, and will likely be working with the Mubami people after we finish our orientation. Do you have any more information about the people?

This story is true. I know as I started Wawoi Guavi in 1986 and personally arrived with the pontoons of equipment. We had a very hard time at the start.

I look forward to every article written by you, Martyn. We learn so much from your writings.

Many of them are very evocative – especially for someone like me no longer closely involved with PNG. This story strikes a strong resonance for me.

In 1966 I was stationed at Balimo, working with the Gogodala people. I recall much conjecture about the “Kumusi or Kubeai” – where did they live, how many were there?

I occasionally came across small family groups that had come out of the forest to visit the Gogodala. I also recall flying over the Wawoi falls and seeing the odd, isolated clearing – there were people there, would we ever see them?

Keep writing, your stories are important. They are a written history of some of the experiences that your people have lived through. They are stories that need to be recorded and told.

Martyn - Thank you for sharing this interesting story with us.

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