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20 March 2011


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Are there any old photos of Gabagaba village. I wish to view them.

Rei, there are two early photos of Elevala in Frank Hurley's book which I mentioned below.

They are:-
-The latest Miracle of the Wonder-working White Man arrives at Elevala.
-The Boardwalk at Elevala Village from which the Sea-plane Made its start for the Interior.

If you have trouble getting these two photos you can contact me at

I am interested in some old photos of my village Elevala. Do I have to get permission to downnload? Could you advise please?

Go right ahead and download them, Rei - KJ

If you are really interested in Frank Hurley's experiences in Papua in the early 1920s you need to buy a copy of "Pearls and Savages - Adventures in the Air, on Land, and Sea - in New Guinea" by Captain Frank Hurley - with eighty illustrations, first published by G P Putman Sons, New York, London, 1924.

I have a copy of one of the excellent facsimile editions of 1,000 copies, produced by Jac Press, Hong Kong in 1981.

The 80 illustrations from this book should be placed online and school children in Papuan schools should be able to view them on a large classroom screen during their history lessons.

This is a job for the PNG government department which is working to get villages online.

There are wonderful photographs of many villages, including Mailu, Kerema, Aduru, Kaimari, Elevala, Urama, Goaribari, Aramia, the Sambio people of Lake Murray, Mekeo, Orokaiva, Wanigella, Coira, Hula, and Boga-Boga.

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