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12 November 2009


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I'm looking for information on the NGVR and I found your email address on My great-uncle Tony O'Connell NG2368 was a rifleman in 1942. He signed on in Bulolo, Wau TNG 28 Jan 1942.

He served with the NGVR, KANGA Force and then the ANGAU before being discharged as medically unfit 30 Nov 1943. This I obtained from his army record.

Tony passed away in 1981 and was never married so his story hasn't been told and I would like to find out more. Could you suggest where I might find any info on Tony and the NGVR.

Sean O'Connell
Christchurch, New Zealand

Many thanks for your internet column. Of course I read the 'Post Courier' and all that but I find your website really good.

I live in Brisbane but was in PNG in the seventies.

You might be interested to know there was a fair bit of coverage of the sinking of the MVM on radio here during the week.

Enviroment minister Peter Garret said his grandfather was on board the MVM at the time.

Extract from 4BC website: "Last night I watched the documentary produced by Foxtel – The Sinking of the Montevideo Maru. I was so moved by it that I watched it again this morning.

"It’s been brilliantly put together. It features very believable young Aussie blokes – the sorts of blokes that would be in your local cricket team or who’d come around to fix your leaky pipes. Great, archetypal Aussie blokes and their sweethearts...." Etc

Anyway. many thanks, and I look forward to more stuff from you.

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