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11 November 2009


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As we don't have Austar, I'm looking forward to being able to buy the DVD. Is there yet a timeframe? Looking forward to seeing the documentary.

No date yet. You'll read it here first - KJ

Hi there John Schindler - Just wanted to say a big and hearty congratulations to you and your team for “The Tragedy of the Montevideo Maru”. I watched it and cried (of course).

Your ability to tell a compelling story is excellent. Thank you for going to so much trouble to source all those wonderful people for your interviews because their tales, courage and tears were so valuable to the overall story. Also, what incredible historic film footage!

If ever I’m having a bad day, I’ll think of those men who survived (and those who didn’t) being POWs, being transported, being bombed, floating in the ocean covered in oil and finally being rescued and I’m sure my bad day will fade away instantly. The suffering of our soldiers is truly unimaginable in today’s world.

I like to think there was an angelic audience of well over 1053 souls applauding you last night too! At last their story has been told to the nation properly! So thank you.

Hope all is well in your wonderful world of story-telling. I’m sure you already have the next project under way.

Re the broadcast on the History Channel. It is an important step in explaining our past that this program has been recognised.

I am disappointed that this much-advertised program on significant Australian history was cut down by about a quarter and omitted interviews (e.g., Lorna Johnston, Les Drew) and other segments which in my opinion were important for a balanced account of the history.

I trust that on any future occasion the full text will be presented, so that public opinion can be adequately informed.

I was sorry to miss the preview of the documentary in Sydney yesterday but watched it last night with John Schindler and John Jarratt at John's home in Brisbane.

I think it is absolutely fantastic and it certainly brought me to tears - particularly seeing the photo of my uncle at the end.

The work and research put into making a doco on a relatively low budget was just terrific. The longer DVD version will be even better because he won't have had to lose the interviews he wanted to include.

I thought Jim Waley introduced it with great style and dignity and John Jarratt represented the true Aussie.

Congratulations to John Schindler for perservering to get it out there, particularly in these hard economic times.

Congratulations to John Schindler for an outstanding documentary on the Montevideo Maru. It was very, very impressive, informative, educative, succinct and moving.

Avoiding minor pedantics the documenatry transmitted the core of the story in an informed and moving manner.

To the general public (excepting those very few with bones to chew) I would say they received a comprehensive outline of the MvM affair.

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