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21 October 2009


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The recent early recall of parliament by the government may be deemed unconstitutional as was the last decision to adjourn the house until November this year. There is no urgent need for an early recall of parliament this month. It just seems a total waste of good taxpayer's money for just four hours of low quality discussion with only the government in attendance, as the opposition has boycotted parliament this week.

The media also reports that this action by the government could cost taxpayers some K125, 000. In adding further to this comedy of errors, the government has once again adjourned parliament to next month as earlier intended.

The whole exercise is a total farce. It just makes the PNG parliament and government a laughing stock within the pacific region, if not the world. Many educated Papua New Guineans now seriously believe their government has for a long time now completely lost the plot for good governance. The government seems to not care one way or another to prove to both opposition, and the public that they know what they are doing, and have the serious business of running PNG well under control.

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