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16 October 2009


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I am a member of the Port Moresby Junior Chamber of Commerce and Industries (POMCCI). I would like to subscribe to the Attitude.

I am reading many interesting things about my country, and hence I like the newsletter because I know what actually is happening in PNG.

Thanks for your wonderful work.

I just read through an email from a friend of mine and realised the very informative and interesting articles and findings you provide through the PNG Attitude newsletter.

I believe you are doing a tremendous job in revealing to the public some of those many corrupt activities.

Thank you and may God bless and guide you in your work.

This is not good news for the Opposition party. They currently number about 23 MPs and rumour has it that three MPs may have fallen prey to the temptation of: "if you can't beat them, join them" syndrome.

The big carrot stick governments have always used in the past is see where are the threats coming from and promise opposition MPs a Ministry, or a position on a parliamentary committee. This almost always entices the weak-willed opposition MPs who are being frustrated by the government.

As opposition MPs are constantly starved of funds with long delays in accessing their own district support grants, and other funds due to then, they easily succumb to the temptation of defecting to the government before any “vote of no-confidence” motion is looming. These members start off as smart, decent and strong willed opposition MPs, but over time their resolve weakens as they see time running out for them to do something quickly in their respective electorates before the elections.

There are other choices to make, but find it all too hard. They see the easy option of defecting to the government ranks somewhat attractive if this gives them access to the funds they hope to get for development projects. They do this to get a project or two completed in their electorates in the five year term.

This is a most unacceptable situation a PNG politician finds himself/herself during his/her whole term of office. Once this takes place, more political pork-barreling projects will follow. The government uses such unfair tactics among others to keep defected MPs in the government ranks long enough until the next elections.

Sadly PNG governments still very much lacks honest leadership and good governance required since independence. Until our whole political system is fundamentally reformed in future, PNG body politics will not see any real changes for the people to pin any hopes on seeing big improvements in their quality of life; and social well-being in future.

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